GOLIATH – HEavy ROYAL Cruiser – WIP – World of Warships

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  1. Really strong ship…

  2. I wonder if it will also has the heal team that clearly uses a huge 3d printer to make a new ship, just like the concquer.

    Side note why do the British has such badass ship and tank names.

  3. do you think this can compete with the DM in clan battles?

  4. TBH, the ship looks fine, but this player didn’t get to show the potential of this ship even a bit. WG needs to prove test ship to some top tier players to demonstrate the strength of new ships rather than giving it out to random dudes or CCs who don’t even know how to play the game properly.

    • @Thane hey I know this sounds extreme to some of you but based on my knowledge to the game, the way he moves and his positioning and such just not good enough. Goliath is a new ship yeah, but it also shows that its firepower at bursting out on salvo HE and good amount of AP damage.
      And just letting u know, 60%WR solo isn’t that hard to achieve.
      Maybe this make me sounds cocky or anything, but it’s only requiring you to do your job and make right decisions at every game you played.

    • @Panzerknacker If u edit the video than it should be clear for u to see that heavy burst on slaves of HE dumped on enemy ship. To me, this reply just didn’t show a good player playing the ship. Testing out new ships and making different vedios about it is cool. But just like testing out a new car for manufacturer, testers will always put it on the edges to maneuver and such to see the limites and ceilings about the vehicle.

      He just didn’t do it well enough. That’s all what I had said, and I still believe my point is on soild on this Goliath video.

    • @Underviv I don’t think u read the comment properly or just didn’t get my point.

      I put it out clear, there should more opened super tester seates to the public rather than holding to their own by some top tier clan.
      That’s what I mentioned in my first comment.

    • @Karl Zhu Sign! A random dude like me who isnt really a good player (just understand the mechanics in 5 min) can achieve 62% WR over 2000 PR…and i wouldnt call me a good player…just a average player who can use his brain (what seems really hard for 60-70% of the playerbase). I saw the same mistakes of this “Pasch” guy. I dont want to flame him, but he made a lot of moves that werent optimal. he could easily scored 140-160k.

    • @Dennis Keßler that’s exactly what I am trying to tell everybody.

  5. *Goliath online.*

  6. I’m surprised not to hear Jingles saying he has sunk half his own fleet.

  7. Oh my captian jingle…….

  8. Sorry, I’m new here but how to aim precisely in WOW without prediction sight?

  9. so uk heavy cruisers he deals more damage than italian sap and also can burn with fires, this line has been made by the one who made the PR grind for sure

    • HE sure deals a lot of damage. I can also see a very fast turret traverse and very accurate guns. Mino torps, so pretty good, and very good concealment considering it’s a heavy cruiser. However, ship has poor range, small health pool, no RN super heal it seems, very slow shell velocity. At first sight, seems pretty balanced to me.

    • Less damage than italian sap, less accurate guns, worse shell velocity and less range….yes both cruisers can give big broadsides but its like you compare Yamatho and Montana…both are BBs but different.

  10. I think the reason it’s called Goliath is because it has it all, by this i mean it is strong in all ways but it’s not the best.

    This is my theory and i’m basically comparing the name of a ship to the name of a monster in evolve don’t judge me:)

  11. I know it’s new and all, but that game hasn’t got anything special

  12. It needs more range IMO

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