Good old Fuso 228K DMG 10 CITS 7 Kills || World of Warships

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  1. one of the best looking BBs in the game ?

  2. Somebody pray ‘d to RNGESUS and he answered

  3. Well played match by a BB…but that Mahan…pretty useless.

  4. good sonic tanks

  5. Tell these people capping wins games, great shooting, definitely knows how to play Fuso. Well done!

  6. Good game but I feel he made his turn back from the enemy too late, 2 minuets or so into the video he was targeted buy 4 ships but he kept going….

  7. A horrid team can make the best gameplay a loss

  8. Nice game, but I can’t stand it when someone wants to report a player for being AFK. It’s happened to me where the game completely kicks me out; I have to shut down the app and then re-enter. It takes time. Granted the Mahan player was very useless, but no one likes a tattle-tale like the guy (or better yet: little whiner) who asked for everyone to report the dd.

    What’s the world come to?…(*sigh*)

  9. Red team more orangutans, only more luck

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