Good old NAGATO – Heavy Punch || World of Warships

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  1. CoolMan / DeutschlandCraft2004

    Nagato lovers! Here I come!

  2. Убогое дерьмо играется только в топе и только при наличии благосклонности ВБР. Самый каловый ЛК на 7 левеле. Ну да, как я и говорил. Хуй расстреливает стоячих бортоходов. Ахуеть скилл, ахуенный линкор.

  3. Влад Борисов

    Feels so good…

  4. 3:14 cumshot!

  5. RNGesus is with you?

  6. he just damage farmed though

  7. T7 is my favorite realm, fair match, you only face up to t8
    meanwhile for t8, it is very likely that you will in t10 match

  8. Thats some crazy accurate speed judgement or really good rng. Well done

  9. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I have to say that this was a great game The Nagato is truly a beast in good hands Plus, is the closest thing to the Yamato if you exclude the Musashi, which is quite good from both gameplay and historical point of view Although I still don’t know why would WG reduce the reload from 30 seconds to 32 It makes no sense than Colorado has a bit better reload with same gun caliber

  10. Reach out and touch… ?

  11. So….many….broadsides

  12. I hate we people talk in caps the whole game.

  13. How can Nagato have a heavy punch of you simply *cannot* hit anything? Unless you just so happen to get good RNG the whole game, you’re *not* going to hit ANYTHING no matter how many salvos you fire and no matter how close you are.

    • As agonizing as the Nagato’s dispertion is sometimes, I must say all I can: 1, The better one aims, the tighter the dispersion, the worse one aims, the looser the dispersion (it has to be near-perfect aim for shells to go where intended reliably) 2, Locking onto a target is VITAL to accurate gunnery, both before firing, and until impact, enemies falling out of view effects this as well (Because “Logic”) 3, This is not a “shootemup” game, It’s more akin to the old games that required manuals, back when games were bought with boxes and physical manuals (not just warranties) It won’t be easy, even for veteran gamers, raw gameplay isn’t always enough, I’d spend several hours on the forums, and these:

    • It really doesn’t matter how good one’s aim is if it all comes down to RNG, which it does in WoWS. You can have perfect aim in the Nagato and still end up with the vast majority of your salvos either missing entirely or being chock full of shatters, bounces, and over-pens. That was and still is *always* the case with the Fuso, Nagato, *and* the Izumo. They’re all shotguns and good for nothing but providing your team with a floating damage sponge that the enemy can focus on instead of someone else because they *know* that none of the forementioned ships will be physically able to return effective counter-battery fire under *any* circumstance. I’ve actually had much better results in the *Bismarck* and later KMS BBs for crying out loud.

    • +Excedrine It’s not just RNG, because aim effects the RNG mechanics about as much as all other RNG effecting factors combined. ( a bunch of useful stuff here, good luck! )

    • +OLDCONTEMPTABLE The *only* thing that has any effect on RNG whatsoever is *not* your aim but whether or not you’re locked on to your target. That *does not matter* with the Nagato, anyway, because it’s a floating shotgun that *will not* hit anything.

    • +Excedrine (to the tune of Fowles in the Frith)
      Fires in the Ship,
      The Sponges in the Sea,
      and I mon waxe wode,
      much sorwe I walke with
      for beste of RNG

  14. That Atlanta right at the end is hopeless at aiming. Why not walk all that fire into the target?

  15. damn, I suddenly want to play IJN BB

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