Good vs bad teammate – World of Warships

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Some teams consist of really valuable and srsly useless teammates. Here you’ll see the difference between the guy trying to win till the very end and a guy almost preventing it, by bugging his other teammates.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Last time I was so early, grinding one Tier X could take you a whole year.

  2. Today’s term: Flambolia “an excessive amount of free salt in the bloodstream” XD

  3. Expecting intelligence in World of Naval Snipers is my new definition of insanity.

  4. Last time I was this early, the ocean still had salt in it

  5. brisngr fiftysix

    Really gotta hand it to that Hayate, they played pretty damn well staying alive and contributing dmg.

  6. It was easy shots on you in smoke, in a Smol of all things also, was any wonder you lived that long..

    • @seth4bucks I saied that in a different comment in this vid and people started calling me a clown.

    • @seth4bucks – I noticed in the recent Kong and Godzilla thing he just needs to be complaining. First he’s complaining that it’s a ripoff. Then he’s complaining that WG is spineless because they don’t stick to their “no refunds” policy and actually offer refunds to people who felt ripped off.

    • Mirasolov Klose

      @Tx240 Way to pull shit from pie. He was complaining because WG said they CANT issue refund. CANT means unable to do. So WG turning around means they could always do the refund. He was criticizing that behavior as he mentions petro incident too. No wonder WoWs has to distribute intelligence.

    • @Mirasolov Klose – WG “can’t” because that’s the policy to avoid having to review each claim asking for a refund (usually because of buyer’s remorse).

      I’m not particularly a fan of WG, but they are a business and you have to look at how YOU would handle the situation if you were running a business. I run my own business and can easily appreciate their perspective (and how it might not make sense to a consumer who only sees the consumer perspective).

      If the policy is “no refunds”, they can’t issue the refund, not because of a technical issue but because that’s the policy.

      But…but, why such a mean policy?

      I recommend you try working in retail or even just stand near a customer service isle in a store to hear the BS people will sling to try and get their money back after contracting a case of buyer’s remorse.

      If you grant one refund or allow individual reps to make a personal call on a refund, you open the floodgates to buyer’s remorse refund requests AND to cries of “unfair!” if Joe gets a refund and Bob doesn’t.

      WG is also notoriously bad on translation and some of the intent may not have made it to whatever the English was. That’s something you always have to keep in mind also when looking at WG text.

    • Tommy Andreassen

      Funny thing is I’ve seen him do the same thing multiple times him self, but when others do it it’s like magic 😀

  7. Last time I was this early, WG actually listened to player feedback

  8. That Hayate deserved more than third place, I feel.

    • Yea … Its not the first time i also got frustrated with my work resulting in a victory but because its not pure damage/caps, you do not get rewarded for it in the XP department in the end. That Hayate played smart and won the game, if he died earlier, it was a loss game. And not just because of the point loss on his death but the caps positioning and distraction for the enemies.

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      Hes 1st place on na eyes

    • You don’t know what the Z-52 accomplished in spotting and real damage plus capping and defending/resetting caps.

  9. That Smolensk had a KOTS moment.

  10. Somewhere else on the server there is a dd player having a 2 carrier, 4 radar, and hydro dd game.

  11. “Go play against bots, you can do nothing against real players!”
    …he’s saying this to Flambass and he doesn’t know. Just makes it even more hilarious.

    • Boke Flying Simulations

      @krostouin lol 590 PR? You have to actively be bad, to be THAT bad

    • Sounds like he should be playing against bots if he is going to be making those accusations.

    • @krostouin Yep, straight garbage, going to be in the 10th percentile or so of the player base but ofc full Kreuger-Dunning.

    • @krostouin I was going to write exactly the same thing.

      BTW. Stats like his always amaze me. I mean: I can totally understand when someone is a (relatively) new, unexperienced player and misplays. But… 16k battles played and 590PR? Assuming that average battle lasts 10 minutes, he spent 2666 hours (that’s like 111 day and night continuous play) playing the game and learnt nothing? The name homo sapiens surely is a misuse in case of some people.

  12. lol, this Thunderer is pure comedy. priceless

  13. That Hayate did the smart thing by delaying their push when the rest of the team was already pushing up daisies, along with that big-brain Thunderer player :/

  14. You can’t get annoyed from blindfire in smoke. You taught us how to 😛

  15. Arnon Lokitsataporn

    sadly I have to agree on this one and Flambass was overreacting.

  16. Give the Thunderer some credit, he did manage to detonate that pesky Smolensk xD

  17. @Arnon Lokitsataporn well, there are days like that and we love ‘mbino also because of such reactions

  18. Flambass, that Smol was just firing on your shell trail, and anticipating direction. You were the one that taught me how to target smoked ships using this technique!!

    • no that Smol doesn’t like viny bitches like Flambass always complaining about something

    • @pkangdel Funny how Flambass loves to sink ships but if you dare shoot at him and actually hit…it’s waaaahhhh, I want my mommy time for him.

  19. @Arnon Lokitsataporn he was overreacting mostly by the 2 fires set on him while he was blind firing hitting him.

  20. Yep, very true. Especially for the Internet nowadays.

  21. So, after skipping around the video to figure out what the Thunderer did, he pushed a GK (which is already a terrible idea) who was backed up by two DD’s that he knew were there after they were initially spotted and still continued to push despite knowing that.

  22. ChatIsClosedNow

    I was like “how are you undetected, that ship looks really close” and then I saw it was 7.1 km away and I was like “that doesn’t ma- oh its a GK”

  23. Arnon Lokitsataporn

    @TheGrandexeno I know that and I also love flambino, that’s why I said ‘sadly’. It still doesn’t change the fact that flambino called out on someone trying to be good with the game.

  24. Funny how Flambass loves to sink ships but if you dare shoot at him and actually hit…it’s waaaahhhh, I want my mommy time for him.

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