Gouden Leeuw – THIS BATTLE WAS NON STOP ACTION – World of Warships

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  1. GG Trenlass

  2. I thought it was Casper you was that bright at the start, well played mate. I always feel like I have a good game coming with the GL, but I’ve never got past 130k and 3 kills. I know that’s not a bad score but it was very few and far between, I’m very inconsistent. 🤔

  3. Entertaining game 🙂

  4. you can do a lot of dammage on that boat if you know how to play with it well played

  5. Cheers i remember that they broke a champagne in the new ship.

  6. Complains and hates about CV’s being in game, uses a cruiser which is basically a cv….

    • @Ewok JEDI sucks to be you not being able to dodge an 15 sec incoming attack using the simple yet tested A+D or D+A tactic

    • @Sympathisch agree

    • @Frans v. T yeah dodge an attack when you maybe using island cover (like your supposed to) whilst lighting up a target for your team (you know to be a team player) whilst dipshit bombs you from his cruiser cv because you know he’s able to launch an air strike from 3fr of deck space………

    • @Frans v. T If you are for example a gk, or even any bb that just got into cover beind an island to heal up a bit after a brawl, tell me how you want to dodge that

    • At the minimum distance the air drop is really fast.

  7. Guuuden Luuu!

  8. Well that was stimulating

  9. Is this cruiser so bad as many describe it? If yes, why?

    • 60s fires mean that its decent armor is pointless as you can get burned down faster than a BB due to no fire prevention on cruisers. The guns are not good enough to make up for it.

  10. you gotta work on your aiming, you aren’t making corrections when you miss.

  11. You havent seen the sun in the last 10 years so your face is bright anyway lol

    • actually i see it most of the day, my webcam settings are a bit to vampire tbh

    • @Trenlass idk what it is but you look really unhealthy and that’s a bad thing if it’snot the case

    • @MrKveite1 do you realize that Germany doesn’t get that much sun during the winter months? So even if you do go outside doesnt mean getting a tan.

    • @Denis Gritsak I live in Norway so i am not very interested in that comment tbh, people that spend time outside in Norway during winter have a solid tan, His face and throat however has the same colour so obv no tan. I am not harrasing him tho, just pointing out that on my screen he doesent look very healthy.

  12. 80k in the first 4 minutes

  13. Kind of fun ship – PTR Coop game, main battery 65k, Air drops 80k, Fires 34k, AA 55k. Is this the normal for this ship?
    Damn bots dodge like crazy but bb are often to slow, also got a double drop on the super cv.

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