Graf Spee & German Destroyers – The Grey News | World Of Warships

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Buckle Up Men! Fritz Spotted!
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  1. Sir Orrin Productions

    This is very graYve news…..

  2. Original, and highly entertaining. Being something of a WWII buff the news
    reel theme is absolutely brilliant. Keep up the great work Earl Grey!

  3. Omg i love this xD

  4. Mariusz Dąbrowski

    Great vid man !

  5. Love this keep them up

  6. very good , that made my day complete ⛵️

  7. Nein, nein, nein. The tommies called the filthy frenchies for helping em
    out. The brits show their ugly face in the Presence of an pocket battleship
    Sincerly your Fritz

    Great and entertaining video mister :)

  8. The torps are scary. Awesome job with the editing!

  9. liking the format

  10. well done..and thank for all the time it took to produce this.
    Good show.(said with the worst English accent I could do).

  11. Video of the year right here, well done old chap

  12. LoL this was excellent.

  13. The damn Blue Snowball isn’t even plugged in ?

  14. No, it wasn’t too much, carry on old chap!

  15. when are they supposed to be launched?

  16. do you perhaps play eve online? some soundtrack sounds so familiar

  17. Nice intro man

  18. trust me…. Graf Spee is thin can…. I encountered 3 of them

  19. Lol… That was great. You should do some more like this, it was fantastic
    fun :)

  20. Congrats on the 5k subscriptions Earl long may it continue

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