Graf Zeppelin 225K and 157 Secondary Hits – World of Warships

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Graf Zeppelin 225K and 157 Secondary Hits – World of Warships
GiecherBrot VIII GZ Test I
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  1. I’m first to comment panzer ?

  2. Ennemy CV wasn’t a good player… he let all his planes on the ennemy straf

  3. Ali Tayhan Tanrıver

    0 skill %100 luck enemy team was so bad no one even try to dodge torps and enemy cz was a rookie i guess 😀

  4. wg why you focus on 3 torpedo bomber or 3 dive bomber are you serious

  5. This CV player was good but was aided by some subpar play by the enemy team.

  6. Enemy cv was very bad…And i think that this cv against a normal shokaku 2-2-2 and a lexi 2-0-2 set up has no chance of surviving…

  7. Wished I had replay for my GZ Test 1. I had a match with 234k and 115 Secondary hits.

  8. same ship, different skill….

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  10. Eneny cv the normal brainless payer

  11. They really need to give this ship 2 fighters, 2 torpedo, and 1 bomber. Otherwise, someone is going to find themselves facing a DD in this ship and no way to strike at it. Short-sighted is WG’s problem on this one.

  12. interestingly low percentage of torp hits cause flooding. Is this some kind of “deepwater torped” specialty to cause so few floodings?

  13. Amazing last carrier’s duel.

  14. Needs to be nerfed.

  15. I could be alone here, but is it possible to turn down the ingame voice volume a little on cv replays? Becomes highly repetitive after a bit.

  16. that beasty german secondaries booming at last!

  17. Costas Eco - Oikonomopoulos

    I’m amazed at some people’ negative comments who apparently know little to nothing about the game… Very solid gameplay for the objectives and not for the damage farming…A player that everyone would like in their team… Flawless in a/a defense – strafes, constant scouting, and devastating torpedo attacks when he had time for that (btw, for those claiming so, you can’t dodge perfect torpedo attacks, right on the edge of arming range)… With his skill, he could have easily done over 300k dmg, in a T10 game with T8 CV… Congrats. sir…

  18. Wie kann man bei einenem jägerangriff seine flugzeuge zurückziehen?

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