Graf Zeppelin 347 K damage || 7 Citadels !! World of Warships

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  1. Griffin Faulkner

    347 damage? That’s impressive.

    • he is a good player with this cv , i played 20 battle today with him and we won 70% of them …. He is a monster

    • Alexandr Abramovsky

      Normal day for the Zeppelin’s driver

    • Griffin Faulkner

      When I commented Panzer forgot the K after 347. My comment was intended as sarcasm, but the mistake has since been corrected and the sarcasm is now genuine appreciation.

  2. overpowered ship just like every americunt ship

  3. He was my friend Luca , i play with him with Alabama .

    The secret : we share info about fire , aa destroyed and enemy planes .

    P.s. This is EU SERVER RECORD , maybe global record .

    • He’s in an above average player and u see it in the vid. Means also he does not know what a CVs role is. Take out or spot enemy DDs and your team wins more often than it looses. A player called Papedipupi showed that off everytime when he played CV in randoms. Killed enemy DDs and game was won almost every time. But let this Grigor86 guy have its 20 mins of fame and his friend defending his gameplay. They simply dont know it better.

    • Maybe you do not have an idea about Graf Zeppelin and its role inside a tier 10 matches with a lot of BBs … i can tell you we had 70% wr with only 2 ships , in 3 we can do more .

      If you see Papedipupi he doesnt have video about Graf Zeppelin .

      Graf works good against BBs stop .
      Graf can even spot BUT has the weakest airplanes for its tier and only one group .

    • I said “take out OR spot enemy DDs”. Ofc u cant kill DDs with AP bombs and DW torps. But spotting is normally enough. U can strike enemy BBs simultaneously. Both things dont exclude each other….

    • i see your stats and you are good like us , but my clanmate is better than you with cv .

      You are not a super pro player so pls cry me a river next time , cause you will never do this record .

    • Yeah I can admit not to be a super Pro CV player. I checked your clanmates profile though – hes is worse in almost every CV than me. Check the links I provide and then just stfu if u arent even able to check someones profile properly. Me:,AtotheK101/, Him:,Grigor86/ KTHXBYE

  4. I love German ships

  5. Can’t wait to get my hand on it

  6. Please bring back the voices of the captains

  7. its useless if a cv dont spot ,although the guy got many damages.

  8. WHEN IS IT COMING? Isnt the 3 month exclusive time over yet?

  9. need nuff or must delete ship

  10. Mysterious Nuclear object

    Güten morgin Panzaknacker

    Edit: still trying to learn German sorry…..

  11. おcたれぞう

    Is that tier8 CV…..?

  12. おcたれぞう

    And we need more British dds and Italian ships than German ships.

  13. That is heart breaking

  14. Its boring to watch it, planes allways from far away, no sound, no action, no scouting…i´m tired now ^^


  16. George Washington

    Guys can you please tell me when people that didn’t buy it when it first came out,will be able to purchase it?

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