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Discussing nerfs to the Graf Zeppelin and Soviet Battleships from a Developer Blog post on the WoWs Subreddit. Hope you have a wonderful day and IR;ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. wait tanking to much damage from cruisers i thought that was the point of having that good armor and the damcon so that they can push the accuracy i understand needed a change but a limited 10 sec damcon is not going to fly in the long run

    • Just a random Horse.

      10 sec damage con is like DD damage con lol. That’s just stupid, especially since you have a limited number of them. Makes no sense to me.

    • +Just a random Horse. The reload is very short though. We will just have to see how it works out.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +[BFs]Karaya 1 Put it in perspective, you get 50 seconds of damage con on the ruskies like this… My other BBS have about 60-70 dam con reload with skills and the signal, 15 second each. Only multiplying that by 10 gives you at least 3 times more effective dam con time.

    • +Just a random Horse. Fair enough, But i doubt they are done with balancing yet.

    • +[BFs]Karaya 1 as long as they then dont proceed to overbuffed the russian BB again bec of the screams of players that screamed that this nerf has made the russian BB unplayable/very weak.

  2. War Gaming is like a dog chasing it’s tail these days. They have no idea where to take the game, or how to balance anything. Just grasping straw after straw after straw. Total chaos.

    • Totally agree with your comment. Nerfing ships that really were fine, the concealment nerf, the Sector AA instead of manual AA (stupid just to be stupid), Hamfisted hotfixes way over nerfing the CVs into transports with neutered planes. GC tier move, French DDs without Smoke WTF?

    • And again only the CV players crying 🙂

    • +Joseph Smith what are you talking about.

    • +Joseph Smith Hardly, I am not a CV player nor am I crying but this whole thing is horse shit! The only ones trolling those of us that are pissed about this are you fanboy morons!

    • +Joseph Smith Yeah, no…Not a CV player at all. If they wanted more people playing CVs they have yet to create that meta yet. CV in MOTW just means a wasted slot for the team basically.

  3. Reducing the Soviet bias? NANI?

  4. Are they going to fix radar and make it line of sight so you dont get radared by a ship behind an island that cant see you?

  5. I still think they should change CV matchmaking to -1/+1 so that AA can be properly balanced.

    • making matchmaking into +1 -1 max, at least for the first min or two of the wait time…would actually be a good thing for all ships.
      battles will be more balanced and fair for the less skilled players and they wont feel too undergunned.

    • +Just a random Horse. Agreed the worst has to be tier 6 vs tier 8 for any ship. So many of those ships are still undergunned and underarmored. At least my NC has the gun caliber and armor when it is up-tiered into tier 10 and can even play really well.

    • +/-1 special MM for CVs? Hell no. If every other ship type has to deal with +/-2 matchmaker, CVs will have to play the same game also.

    • Tony Weisenburger

      i legit thought this was what was happening with the even tier split of the ships. seems like a natural fit. i was confused when i got into a T8 match with my T6 carrier when the rework dropped. i just stared at the screen dumbfounded.

    • +Warmaker01 the issue is that you have a mostly RNG system that determines how much damage planes take, so your Tier 8 planes need to go up against the same amount of AA as your tier 10 planes, with as a result that either the tier 8 planes won’t be able to strike properly because the planes die whenever they get spotted, or the tier 10 planes can go around without worrying about AA at all. If you’ve been bottom tier with a CV you probably know that you won’t do much for the majority of the match unless the enemy ships don’t stick together very well.

  6. Just looking at this comment it makes it crystal clear the whole problem with WG and how they view things. There are contradictions, in fact everything they do is a contradiction! They remind me of Microsoft where the left foot does not know what the right foot is doing, making for a real pita when it comes to the experience for the end user! With every update they make, the game gets less and less fun and more of a grind and personally I am tired of it and already looking at other games to satisfy my free time!

  7. The German brawlers can’t hit the broad side of a barn from inside with written directions. Nerfing the RU accuracy was a good start to leveling the playing field. Though RU citadels aren’t as vulnerable as they claim. When the super testers were out with them I hit them several times midships at the water line with NC guns and did little to no damage and no citadels. This being at a range when they should have penned. But I saw a lot of shatters. On a broadside BB. With 16 inch guns. They still have a way to go with the soviet line if they want people to keep playing this game. Especially anyone playing the French line. 380s wont get it done against them, and no ship should ever be invulnerable to damage from anything else at it’s tier.

    • ? it’s not flambass has shown it. plus german has turtle back for brawling. RU has nothing to brawl. HUGE cit, no hydro and long reload.

    • +Toshihiko Yes everyone has the skill level of flamu. I was in a conqueror broadside to a kemrl or what ever 12km full broadside AP 4 shatters 2 OP 1 hit landed for 2k damage. Russki BBs are a joke.

    • +jasin butler ?? flamu? boardside to a RU BB??

  8. GZ was doing too much damage to the DD mafia so wg nerferd her to make the DD mafia careless of her presence…

  9. Ya I’m with Notser on this one. One what planet IS the GZ doing a lot of damage. I can barely break 50K damage on the GZ… Then again. I cant break 50K on any CV. (CVs need buff.)

    • Think maybe youre doing it wrong then. I have no issues breaking 100k even in T10 games with for example Kaga who is supposed to be impossible to play uptiered

    • Average damage stats on has Graf Zeppelin at 64.7k per game, compared to the range 45k for Shokaku up to 55k for Saipan. It’s well clear of the field.

    • +Brian Miller guess I just suck at CVs I guess

  10. Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι

    Too much damage my aft…
    You even barely achieve the 100k total damage milestone with GZ!

  11. These GZ changes are ridiculous. All they have done is nerf this ship over and over again.

  12. Carlos Alonso Delgado

    I was expecting a Gameplay of Graff Zeppelin, so i could see how is broken

  13. Kaga? Finished balancing? So we are ok with Kaga not being able to touch even tier 9 ships

    k, guess im getting a bunch of doubloons in my port

  14. Really, all that needed to be nerfed on Russian BBs was that ridiculous turret rotation.

    And maybe their AA.

  15. WG balancing department lost their mind or sits on different planet, yes, the premium CV are done? they are hopeless 🙁 Order 66 …

  16. I think they’ve pretty much nerfed the CVs to hell and back. They’re now worse than pre-rework. I’ve pretty much lost all interest in playing them.

  17. the CV rework is looooongg way to be done,, maybe that will finish by the end of 2019,, and i can bet, that thing gonne be more worse than old CV

  18. I see 2 major problems with carriers right now.

    The first problem is that when the rework went live, the new carriers, and especially the Hakuryu, were too strong, resulting in multiple nerfs. After these nerfs, carriers have become too weak to the point where the only people still playing them are those who are really good at them, which makes it seem to the general player base that cvs are still overpowered, and thus the player base continues to complain. I think that the Graf Zeppelin nerf is a result of this phenomenon, although it doesn’t help that only a tiny percentage of players have the Graf Zeppelin to begin with and those players are disproportionately likely to be good at carriers because who else would’ve bought it. If they rereleased the Graf Zeppelin for sale I suspect that its average performance would drop.

    The second problem is that the way the matchmaking system currently works, tier VI and VIII carriers, the most popular tiers in the sense that they represent the “full” carrier experience but are not as much of a commitment to reach as the tier X, are bottom tier so frequently that they almost have to be balanced for bottom tier in order to be compelling to play. However, if they are balanced for bottom tier, then they will inevitably become too strong when they are top or even mid tier. Unfortunately, there isn’t a clean solution to this problem. Making cv matchmaking +/- 1 for tiers VI and VIII would be the most obvious solution if we are only worried about the carrier gameplay experience, but I suspect that this would cause other problems which could ultimately make it a net negative. I think the first step should be to reduce the effectiveness of AA layering, that is the cumulative effectiveness of the AA of multiple ships that are close together. Right now it is just impossible, sometimes even when top tier, to attack clusters of ships, meaning that the only thing the carrier can really do when the whole enemy team is clustered is to just try and keep them spotted, and while that is certainly useful, it does not make for compelling gameplay. This can also create feel bad moments for ships that spawn at one end of the map more or less by themselves, and inevitably get targeted by the enemy carrier.

    I don’t pretend to have a comprehensive solution to either problem, but as I see it these are the 2 biggest problems facing carriers right now.

  19. So they nerf the armour so HE does more and the cruisers ALWAYS sit at 15km+ which is the range where you have trash accuracy and can’t hit them?
    mAkEs tOtAL sEnSe wArGaMiNg

  20. I’d be a lot less miffed about GZ being nerfed if they gave her damn Stukas back

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