Graf Zeppelin: Fun with AP – World of Warships

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I decided to play AP Bomb focused when i saw MM.
Towards the end of the game, i thought last DD was Akatsuki and decided to kill her with secondary weapons but when i realized she was Akizuki, I started to run away.


  1. Амаро Парго

    good fight.Like.Subscription.Hello from Russia!

  2. Great video I love the sound of those sirens on the bombers!

  3. Excuse me , a question, why my Zeppelin AP bomb usually hit one time , but you hit two times every drop and hit to citadel

    • by the way your build url is 404 not found

    • it’s hard to say without watching your game, wows fitting tool down atm.

    • Maybe because of AA that shoots most of your planes? And you have to know what to attack. British BB is hard to citadel, same with Amagi . German BB / Nagato/Fuso/ Roma/ cruisers when you aim in center. French BB are trollish. American BB T8+ also trollish

    • For the citadel part, AP bombs are usually dropped from straight down. If you drop at the last second you won’t get as much pen as compared to dropping from high up near the start, also avoid superstructure as you’ll only get pens and no citadels most of the time if you hit superstructure. And most likely if your hitting only one bomb then A.) you drop was bad. Or B.) You had bad dispersion when the bombs dropped.

  4. The bombers when attacked by fighters their reticle jumps all over the place as on 5:50. No other planes have such thing, maybe the rockets too but not so much.

  5. Poor nagato xD [F]

  6. poor nagato, didn’t even get out of spawn

  7. Edilsonoliveiradossantos Oliveria

    Bela partida jogo muito.

  8. Maybe GZ dive bombers aren’t so bad. It’s just a matter of which ship to use them on, and what height, and also which part of the ship.

    • I think Shokaku and Enterprise has better dive bombers, GZ has speed advantage, when she catch weak target she can punish so fast.

  9. Great Game!! Although I hope the next time you take out those destroyers, letting them roam free is a risk any CV should not be allow to take.. 😃

  10. poor nagato XDD

  11. the rockets are jokes. Pooooooor accuracy,low hp,low speed.Bombers hits depend on your lucky points to citidel

  12. what are your captain skills?

  13. Fairly sure the Nagato had a great time playing. NOT!

  14. This doesn’t make a sense, why WG give this plane Stuka Siren??,, also that AP is more OP than IJN AP

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