Graf Zeppelin SECONDARY BEAST ^^ – World of Warships

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Player: TheWickedNorth VIII Graf Zeppelin
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  1. Early Squad?

  2. employeewg_47 terrain_21

    do you also cant upgrade wows today??

  3. Secondaries start at 15:15

  4. now they cant even hav their servers runnning

  5. Just give her Bismarck armor and she’s ready for release XD

  6. welp, thats 1 way to use a german ship, shit planes but best in class secondary’s.

  7. “Behalte derzeitigen Kurs bei!”
    Is that right? Or is that google-translate-style?
    I allways think it should be
    “Bleibe auf Kurs!”

  8. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Secondary battle between Hakuryu and Graf Zeppelin – needs to be done…

  9. I can tell that these secondaries took down half HP pool of Belfast and full HP Kagero, which tried to ambush GZ. Both fights were in the same match only 2 minutes apart. GZ won both of them and still had half of her HP pool.

  10. secondary combat at 15:15
    open Pirate of the Calibean on your background and enjoy!

  11. Wow, I couldn’t tell if anything else was shooting at the Lex but if not then daaaaamn. The graf can tear up some ships that get close

  12. what’s the kilometer range on those bad boys?

  13. There is 6 seconds of delay between audio and visuals for me 🙁

  14. Skorpius Alexandrov

    That poor Colorado

  15. TBH I’m only getting the Graf Zeppelin as a port decoration. And to help train me in carriers. I’d only use this ship in co op and co op only.

  16. Conclusion: The Zep has been OP this whole time.

  17. Is it just my device or is the sound a bit out e.g it says that group 3 is destroyed when they THEN score a few bomb hits

  18. I saw twice DD destroyed by her secondary in close rang , LOL

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