Graf Zeppelin Test I AP BOMBS / Torpedo Compilation || World of Warships

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Graf Zeppelin Test I AP BOMBS / Torpedo Compilation || World of Warships
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  1. Skorpius Alexandrov

    Either this player’s using cheat codes or AP bombs are OP AF

  2. Graf Zeppelin Madness…..released, then took back and now testing…again several versions of GZ on the servers now ^^

  3. I want to be honest. I could cry if I see this. Only hitting german BB’s. Cuz only efectiv on german BB’s. They have to be badder than every other BB’s. Fk you wargaming that you fked up the germans. Disgusting

  4. Worst torps, Bombs is better.

  5. Now I will consider buying gz

  6. Now we have bombs that can delete bbs in one drop, and bbs that can set 2 fires every salvo while dealing 12k HE pen, what’s next wargaming? Tomahawk missiles?

  7. I believe Stukas could carry torpedos but they never where used in ww2. But Stukas could carry torpedos.

  8. Personally they need to stick with HE bombs. Because from what I can see AP bombs would be unfair to players. The person playing the Graf Zep could just group up all bombers and bomb one target and instantly kill them. Which is not fair at all. They need to stick with normal HE bombs and normal torps.

  9. Playerbase: Hello Wargaming
    WG: WG, B R 0 K E
    Playerbase: Devastating strike*

  10. It is strongest against German BB which lacks deck armor (the heavy turtleback doesn’t do jack to attacks from above). However it’s long drop time means completely incapability to engage DDs and attacking nimble cruisers hard. Is it OP? If you are one of those BaBies captains maybe.

    On the other hand it is loads better than the Graf we gotten on the live servers that sparked the iChase fiasco.

  11. Since I’ve always hated CV’s, I run BFT, AFT, manual secondaries and AA on my Gnei, Scharn, Bismarck, Tirpitz and FDG. Guess what, GZ planes barely survive in order to make a drop and when they do their number is reduced significaly that it barely manages to take 2k health from me. 🙂

  12. Very nice CV work

  13. This game is broken…and it will be more and more…how to avoid so many torps? How to fight vs those AP bombs? I hope so you are happy f…crying kids…

  14. Squeaky wheels get grease…..WG knows how to buff…..just proves they know how to nerf….I know they nerfed the Kurfürst….40% fires…..joke…..420 mm broads at 7 km and no cits…..joke…..KMA

  15. Was expecting that they will overpower GZ in order to make ppl happy. How else you can motivate players to buy this ship. For me at least no other premium ship. For this year.

  16. Risheen Mukherjee

    Another EXTREMELY situational ship. What in the fuck is going on?! And what the heck is up with those stupid drop patterns? Are they insane? Make normal ones, shitheads! This is how this company adds flavour to a ship? Wooow.

  17. HOLY SHIT!!!!

  18. I just see bullying xD

  19. Someone's Youtube Username

    We call this slaughter of German BBs …”German reverse engineering”.

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