Graf Zeppelin: World of Warships

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Graf Zeppelin video after a long time.

how can I send a replay?

I can’t accept aircraft carrier because they don’t work properly. Due to quality issues, I can no longer accept videos.

World of Warships :
im using offical mod station –
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in


  1. “Zeppelin is AFK”

  2. Who needs AP Rockets? My Graf Zeppelin rockets already pens 40mms.

  3. i love your videos!

  4. Wow, the AP bombs actually worked!!

  5. How to get water like this video ?

  6. jeez u deserve way more subs

  7. The AP bombs appears to be consistent

  8. RNGesus blessed AP bombs for once

  9. double cit *big oof*

  10. finally GZ

  11. That was some inspired gameplay. I appreciate you posting CV gameplay. I know I’ve benefitted.

  12. I love GZ dive bomber like stuka

  13. Great Job. However, I would have followed my team and had given fire support.

  14. Nice game, TopTier. You’re like a one man Navy with an Aircraft Carrier.

  15. was anyone else rooting for the other team?

  16. Vincentius Chandra

    Could you tell which mods for the sea?

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