Graff Zeppelin 6kills 241k dmg – tier 10 MM || World of Warships

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Graff Zeppelin 6kills 241k dmg – tier 10 MM || World of Warships
Player: TheWickedNorth
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  1. Get graffed! #balanced

  2. 241k dmg + 2k exp = “balanced”

  3. Pls more dreadnought!!!!!!!

  4. 15 torps sounds like a flying shima without high dmg torps. Lel wg I hate you forever?

  5. Just the enemy cv was a fk noob, gz 032 fking trol setting.

  6. Love it

  7. WTF. Where was the enemy CV?

  8. Hmmmm…..looks like there was some sort of agreement with the other CV….game would have been a lot different if those T10 fighters got in the action. Plus, where are the toro trails? This looks like a planned test for the public to see how powerful the ship is now. Don’t get your hopes up though, once the fighters get into it you’ll lose a shit load of that damage total.

  9. Enemy CV is a noob. Test CV with those deep Torps are to OP

  10. This ship just needs to disappear for a year and come back when WG have a brain

  11. German have CV? Really?

    • Hjalfnar International

      Not yet, but it will be implemented in a few weeks. The Graf Zeppelin was actually a projected ship for Plan Z, the german naval rearmement plan prior to WW2. Though she was build, she never got any weapons nor planes and never got comissioned. Her fighters, Bf109T served as air patrol on the Norwegian cost, while the Ju87C carrier Stuka version with tailhook and torpedo dropping capabilities was retrofitted as regular Stukas for close air support.

    • Even it built, it still a trash carrier compare to other country.

    • Hjalfnar International

      Well, had the Germans commissioned this thing in 1939/1940 it would have been the most advanced carrier in Europe, and while the Japanese and US carriers would have been mostly up on the same level, the fighters would have been far superior, even more so against the Brits. Only two years later it would have been utter crap, as it had far less space for improvements and additional aircraft than the US CVs.

    • Same cause to Bismarck, wasting displacements.

  12. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Fun fact Graff AP bombs can penetrate Yamato’s and Montana’s deck – the strongest decks in the whole game…

  13. retarded ship with retarded design. same cancer lvl as conqueror

  14. I hate they cutted the voice.

  15. Андрей Морозов

    Повезло, что вражеский “Энтерпрайз” играл безобразно. Иначе его истребители могли бы сильно попортить игру “немцу”.

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