Great ATAGO Carry – World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. best T8 cruiser ??

  2. the waifus of Kancolle and Azur lane

  3. Awesome battle, very good skills. That 11:28 AP switch and aim was something…

  4. Atago spelt backwards is Ogata

  5. Feels good to watch this in the times of dakkadakka and railgun BBs 🙂

  6. Pan paka pan
    Atago Chan

  7. Need to make a compilation of the top 20 kills and call its worlds best warships

  8. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    That Gneisenau has given the words “crying” and “bitching” a whole new meaning…

  9. he must have severe back pain from that carry

  10. This guy’s fire chance is unreal

  11. one of the best replay of the month.

  12. The whining in this match is unreal. Very well done to the Atago.

  13. My teammate atago always rush in and carry the enemy team

  14. I think it’s the best map for Atago Class. My highest score is also from Takao in this map.

  15. Lucjan Wilczewski

    Every salvo get him a fire set, how

  16. Atago me likey ??

  17. The Ugly Barnacle

    Top tier Atago is a rare sight today.
    I was wondering why that Kutuzov didn’t kill you in a heartbeat, and then I saw his clan tag….

  18. Really great show! Mind sharing the build? Thanks!

  19. Enemy team was full of animals… Good game man. GL

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