Great plays and Epic fails – Funny World of Warships moments Episode 54

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Another Speshul compilation of World of Warships with great plays and epic fails is here. I hope you enjoy it and have fun watching.
I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. I love how you don’t treat this game seriously anymore and it is the only thing it deserves, because the game is a joke.

  2. Ah that Kidd game was one in a million. I wish he had gotten off his last stand, though.
    Just for the lulz.

  3. Michele Dall'Alba

    he’ll end up with a request from WG to not harass CV players, just like with O7

  4. Warhamster Gaming

    Watching Flambass do an impression of an Asian Death Throe is quite elevating.

  5. MyopicAutisticMetal

    I love the encounter with the Pay to Win Yamato noob that had no idea he was about to eat cheek shots!

  6. How to counter CVs?

    Flambass: DD 661

  7. “Eh. Must be Monday.”

  8. hahaha “let’s leave quickly”

  9. We REALLY need a Quacken compilation x)

  10. Just fell out of my chair laughing… 13.23 is just like the Tasmanian devil cartoon character. Believe me, I live in Tasmania Australia, and this is just the best impersonation.

  11. When you discover Yamato’s weakness:

  12. My god watching this with two broken ribs was not my best decision, the shima play had me laughing so hard!!

  13. Seeing you bully that carrier warmed my heart :D.

    • Imagine if the carrier had started reversing while Flambass’ attention had been drawn by that last group of fighters.

  14. Flambass: Asserting dominance by parking his Kidd next to enemy Ryujo

    Me: intense butt clenching that someone is gonna secure that Ryujo kill

  15. When I played those “om nom nom” sounds – my dog rushed in having high hopes…

  16. Shimmy clip: Did you see the comment in game chat saying sorry to you?
    Shot down plane physics: If that plane lost a wing, yes it would do that.

  17. When I hear that music building at the end… I’m like… “wait for it…. WAIT FOR IT… WWWAAAAAIIIITT FOR IT………….” KWAKKKKKKKKIN!

  18. “Speshul needs kid”

  19. Damn that relentless CV harrassing in the Kidd had me ROFL! What i would give to know the thought of the CV player!

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