Gremyashchy – Solo Warrior – 7 kills || World of Warships

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  1. Such a great ship!!

  2. My favorite ship!

  3. low tier madness

  4. Langley captain disliked this vid…

  5. Wow, I wish I could play my Gremy that well.

  6. Abu helal Rashed

    good game

  7. Ich wünsch mir dieses Schiff schon so lange!

  8. I got a battle on ranked kraken and high caliber ? But i dont know how send ?

  9. 12:17 His anus exploded.

  10. Well done and good switch between ammo types, but wondering why wide spread on the torpedoes sometimes? But great result.

  11. Exactly what can happen when you don’t finish off an opposing DD?

    Epic give away by the other team.

  12. 10:15 I can’t get it… why did Isokaze stop completely spotted and with no damaged engines?

  13. The one said RU coward rank #11, such a good player XD

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