Großer Kurfürst – THE HUGE GERMAN FORTRESS – World of Warships

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  1. A nice game in bad Schlieffen!

  2. The obsolete German fortress, unfortunately. Shame that it’s getting replaced with more overmatch, when it could have been a perfectly capable, even strong BB with a few tweaks. But in any case, very well played

  3. Martin Dijkman Dulkes

    I already saw some Preussen floating around and a new german dd

  4. Cvs every game since the ru cvs came out, i want to play this game as i do like it but the cvs are draining the fun out of it and i feel like i need a break from the cvs, i am either going to become i cv main(never played a cv before) or i am going to throw 6 years and £ away and quit!

    • @Milo Well in my experince they can’t. As CV Player but as well as any regular Surface ships.

    • @Niklas7779 CVs spot you anywhere and make you angle towards danger. If you don’t angle, gl with all the fire and floodings. This is awful for the game, CVs are so stupid that even a braindead guy can play them and still be at the middle of the scoreboard.
      Players who main CV should be bullied by everyone.

    • CVs are supposed to be hidden when they attack and also spot for their own ships. If anything they should go back to the RTS system to raise the skill level to play them also make them easier to kill when they are spotted. Honestly i am sick of people complaining that CVs can attack without being seen like wtf do you think was happening back in WW2. There’s a reason why they are the main ship in every Navy around the world. Also even though nothing is going to be changed maybe even have an option to not play against them.

    • @ajit benedict you really play the “reallistic” card? In that sense, these 16 inch guns should annihilate anything they touch.
      It’s not about realism, get over it. It is about playing warships. Planes are not warships, it’s just a pepega mechanic.

    • @ajit benedict Well it kinda depends. In the Pacific theater could carriers remain unspotted or hide in that huge ocean. In the Atlantic was that a different thing. That’s why the British have armored their carriers (at least if I understood Jingles video correctly)

  5. Any class that plays by different rules than the rest will never work. They will either be broken and overpowered, or they will be useless. There is no in between when you try to shoehorn things like that into a competitive game.

  6. this thing needs the same deck armor as the FdG

  7. GK is my favorite BB. The bad Schlieffen comments funny. GK Health pool 105.800. Schlieffen health pool 76,100. Both have 420mm. Both have good secondary’s with Schieffen having more but they are shorter range. Schlieffen has 13.5km torps if the guy does not plan for them and dodge them. They are very easy to dodge as they are slow at 50 knots. Now Schlieffen disadvantage… 8 420 main guns. GK has 12 420s. I brawled against a Schlieffen yesterday in Randoms. We both had half health and he got me with one Torp on the nose. I still won by playing smart and staying on the side where he had used his torps. I wont say I was not close to dead. Only took 1 shot from Petro after to sink me.

    • Schlieffen secondaries have same base distance as GK. Max distance for both ship’s secondaries is 12.5Km.

    • @Buj Moose His secondary’s did not seem to go like mine did. But I also had Gunther Lutjens and his skill is secondary’s and it was activated. Maybe that was the difference.

    • @Richard Clark yes that might be the difference. GK to me is one of the 3 big bullies, while potentially he is the bulliest of them all combining hydro and insane secondaries. Schlieffen is more of a fast drive by boat, easier angling and rng torpedo yoloer.

  8. Its so fun how GK is so good against DDs with his main guns. I really rarely have salvos less than 5-6k

  9. 11:24 Giggles like a schoolgirl xD

  10. I will always love the GK. She doesn’t get the love she deserves. You kite with her and she is a force to be reckoned with.

  11. When is GK becoming premium ship and Khaba as well?

  12. Today (4th jan 2022) we have 31’C in the shade 34′ to 36’Humidex ‘reading’

  13. Finally researched it but if it’s anything like the previous ships in its line I wont like it. The main guns just troll at all ranges. At 10km had a salvo go 2km over the target with lock on. Secondary built with equipment and manual but they dont hit much past 6km schleifen will nuke a dd at 10km and get 3 fires in 1 minute but bis and fdg would miss

  14. Great match ! Love it when GK works.
    I prefer a semi secondary build on both GK and Freddie. 406 guns and reload mod make up for some nasty reload times with adrenaline rush. With that my FdG even outscored my Musashis T9 dmg record 🙂

  15. Rule 1 your can not beat the MM

  16. Aren’t CVs supposed to be hidden. If anything I feel like they need to raise the skill level to operate them. Maybe not giving players control over the aircraft and going back to rts with just 1 attack run. Also making them easier to kill because being honest they should sacrafice survival for stealth. But in the end it is all up to WG and we really have no power.

  17. That transformers voice is awful, ruins the video.

  18. CVs are the alien sniper rifle from Perfect Dark that could shoot thru walls and has a X-ray scope,

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