Grozovoi AA Goes Wild – World of Warships

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Landing_Skipper X Грозовой Grozovoi
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  1. 404: Torpedo beats not found

  2. Lol he pressed y thinking it was speed boost

  3. 6:49 is the biggest surprise of all

  4. Hanif Bagus Irianto

    It’s amazing how the enterprise survived that YOLO rush O_O

  5. Clicked to watch immediately because it is Grozovoi

  6. Jeez it is so annoying to see this dude keep pressing shift

  7. This zoom so retarded

  8. Also spielerisch ganz gut, aber dieses permanente rausgezoome geht einem echt tierisch auf die Nerven. Einmal herauszoomen um zu gucken okay, aber für alles andere hat man die mimimap unten rechts. Das Video ist echt schwer zu gucken.

  9. Nagato in a tier 10 battle?
    That’s not gonna end well for him.

  10. wanna know how his shift keyboard durable.

  11. ADHD tick disabled, selfishness, hand trembling.

  12. I m a CV player. Before I m happy to play CV, but now tons of OP AA….I hope wargaming stop making nausea AA ships.

  13. Mencius Madhyanagara

    Great thumbnail ?

  14. Not often to see a Grozovoi replay but this guy keep pressing shift…

  15. Well played, but the free look spam while zoomed in makes me want to throw up a little bit.

  16. Whats wrong with this guy’s shift key?

  17. I’m sure this was an outstanding game, but I couldn’t watch it as the constant zooming made me wanna hurl.

  18. quit after a few minutes, giving me eye cancer

  19. WTF he is keep pressing shift that don’t need to.. suck it

  20. Lukygamer1983 remake

    stupid russian rabbit dickhead player…

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