Grozovoi || STRONK CARRY || World of Warships

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  1. Dip-Dip Potato Chip

    Holy shit. Soviet Destroyers are mini cruisers? Really?

    • basicly – yes!

    • To be DD or not to be DD. That is the question.

    • 단두대 well , its russian bias , they are everything and nothing

    • Dip-Dip Potato I say they are mobile gun platforms, cuz you cant hit them when they are speed boosting. And yes those things are also mini des moines.

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip One interesting historical example: the Americans in the 18th century built their frigates, a common type of naval ships, bigger and more heavily armed than any other frigates. Although they retained the frigate iconic design, one row of gun or one-decker, their fire power was comparable to a nomar two-decker, and could be use for both scouting and as ship-of-the-line, which usually the job for two-decker ships only and beyond.

  2. Shahnewaz Siddique

    When the totps killed shima i was like what just happened and how

  3. this game should limit ammo ffs =.=

  4. 8:02 look at how those incoming shells curve… weird

  5. Maybe I ought to change to that playstyle. If haven’t been very successful playing Groz as a normal DD. Gun boating seems to more fun anyway.

  6. Mini Des Moines

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