Gryphon of the Baltic — New Battleship Pommern Teaser | World of Warships: Legends

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Captains, meet Pommern! German Premium battleship of Tier VIII is the ultimate prize of the Gryphon of the Baltic campaign: make sure to watch the video to learn more! 




  1. Was wondering when we’d get Pommern.

  2. Pommern finally! Thunderer can’t be too far away

    • I’d say Thunderer is still a long ways away. Pommern is a very mediocre at best BB that like the other German BBs just eats damage, has an underwhelming gimmick and will trick people into rushing. Thunderer on the other hand is a very strong battleship with lots of overmatch and high HE DPM, I don’t see them adding Thunderer for a while

    • @Mainz yeah Thunderer is a bit of headache for them, do they put her at LT with her sister Conqueror or drop her to T8 where she will wreck T7s

    • @Mainz Thunderer is t10 on PC…so not a mission pass Battleship

    • @the biggerb most legendary since most t10s they bring are leg

  3. Definitely more interesting than the last campaign 😂

  4. Wowww this update is going to be great!


    YES I FINALLY WE CAN GET POMMERN 😍😃. I Can’t Wait To Get Him 😍😃

  6. Other German BB with those mosnters of secundary, if they reach above 12 km or more she gonna be unstopable.

  7. Nice, but I’d love to get another legendary german

  8. Nice addition to t8 Pommern is going to be very fun

  9. Großadmirale Leonard

    Literally what I’ve been waiting for for a year

  10. I will absolutely be getting this.

  11. YESSSSS!! 12 km secondary batteries here I come!! I can’t wait to build this for secondary batteries!!

  12. Michael The coffee drinker

    Damn why Germans BB always look the most badass

  13. Another brawling German battleship with torpedoes wonderful thanks Wargaming

  14. Es simplemente hermoso y si lo jugas bien es imparable ya lo quiero en el puerto 10/10

  15. When Pom comes to legends are you also fixing the secondaries and adding a skill to give more penetration and accuracy or we just going to pretend secondaries are fine still?

  16. So… Tier 9 special premium ship on PC dropped to a Tier 8 on Legends… this should be interesting. And those guns… love the sound of those guns

  17. I’ve been wanting her since we got the grober

  18. Outstanding. Nicely done, Captains 🫡

  19. Yes! Another German battleship to add to my collection!

  20. HI WG, Can we get proper secondary range for Tirpitz and Odin? Thanks

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