Guilio Cesare – 10 Kills ALL MEDALS || World of Warships

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  1. special way to play BUT EPIC results ^^

  2. 6:18 detonate with secondary???

  3. Wish there was a battle result screen showed at the end.. i wanted to know how much base XP he earned.

  4. what no screenshot? good game, wasn’t even using premium consumables and still kicked butt

  5. Can you imagine the stress of being alone and with 5 or more enemy ships?

  6. Sail south with two suicide DDs, ends up facing 6-7 enemy ships alone. Yikes on toast!

  7. The DDs on his team seemed to be utter garbage. They all sank within half a minute.

  8. This was proper trolling especially the last 2 was insulting:)

  9. all that guys who played broadside ! This man have a Kraken, & Orion don’t ram him ? Ok. So once in cap, he has 6 kills. Revolution come & try to kill him : broadside ? Ram ? Broadside is enouht.
    All this dumbers make a good play for him.

  10. Your thumbnails are the best part XD

  11. Alone, supported the entire right flank of his team

  12. Why are so many people not using the shift button? So tilting.

  13. What Are Thooose!!!

    funny how his friendly dd fleet got annihilated at the start of the game

  14. OMG .. Secondary kill DD like a boss.. boy……6:18

  15. Everest Destination

    Secondary are OP, and it’s like he plays with disable or blind players… Bots?

  16. I thought my Warspite gameplay with 215K damage and 6 kills was impressive xD


  18. pfft, I want to see this done with Pensacola(paper ship)!

    Joking, This was epic to watch all that seal clubbing.
    I can only imagine the excitement and adrenaline in this match, When I just got 6 kills my heart was about to explode. lol

  19. I miss the detonations and ramming

  20. Two words! OVER POWER. Lol.

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