Gunboat Shimakaze – World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. My fav DD <3

  2. 4.4 seconds relaod oh yes real gun boat my brain hurts

  3. He did most of dmg by torp still. Definitely not a gunboat


  5. Brindisi Eat Full Trop

  6. Oberstleutnant Steiner

    So the message from this vid ist that even the gunboat shima works best with torps?

    • That Hayate with 6.1km concealment (this shima had 6.2km) will be good. And will have even better reload on guns (4 sec instead of 4.4 here) . I’m excited for the Hayate.

  7. Brave man to play Shima without SE.

  8. how not to configure the shimakaze, lesson number 1:
    without concealment expert, without survivability expert, in the sixth slot without torpedo tube modification 3.

    in fact, he did so much damage just because he hit the enemy with 12 torpedoes.

  9. You can say that was a gunboat but torps still earned 3 dev-strikes.

  10. For fun: yes.
    For real: well… if you’re ok with the turret traverse.

  11. Nice block with the Shima carcass at the end.

  12. Great game, good work on winning it for your team. Speaking of teams you didn’t have one they were too busy at the boarder having a picnic and camping. Even your dead hull helped the game. Good effort.

  13. Kurios_aka_ JanWinter

    Many peoples don’t understand “Ironie” or “Sarcasm” .
    I’ve not a lot of seen a Shima is so many working with the guns.
    This is a amazing Player with big “Crown Jewels” and a very fantastic Gameplay.

  14. So Shima player using gunboat build, because WG butchered her torps. Deja vu.. like in WOT when tank destroyers started going forward to spot, because they were rendered useless. While the latest lights were sniping back with their brand new cannons

  15. What did the enemy team Shokaku want to do?

  16. Top game dude.

  17. What was the point …oh he just wanted to show off not enlighten us to anything

  18. Gunboat shima..


  19. A Japanese torpedo boat driver that uses their guns….how novel! I thought they were an endangered species.

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