Gunboatiest of all Gunboats – T7 Friesland – World of Warships Legends (Xbox Series SX 1080p)

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WG says this is the “Gunboatiest of all Gunboats” lets find out. Tier 7 Pan-Euro DD The Friesland. A DD with ZERO torpedoes but an insane reload time on it’s main battery.


  1. I still don’t know… I feel like I spend the whole match looking through the gunsights… And with just one commander there isn’t a lot of variety in builds…

  2. Noice Game Man!

  3. seeing that reload speed is amazing. great video!!!

  4. Non stop gunboat action my god it’s better than Phub

  5. Crazy shit. Every 1 seconds. Damn , great video.

  6. Awesome ship, I’m definitely getting it. I don’t see how 100% of the players wouldn’t pick it!??

    • I agree! Especially from what I’ve seen the Loyang doesn’t seem to offer anything new and exciting it very much seems like a hybrid type ship.

  7. Love the idea of this boat, but in the few games I’ve played, it seems to really struggle against any battleship. The only thing you can do is hope to set fires, but most shells get shattered and then you try to shoot AP at the super structure and you can do considerable damage, but not enough to eliminate a bb on your own. Absolutely melts dds though!

    • You did set a lot of fires though, which is great. Really good game

    • Yeah the alpha damage from the HE on BBs isn’t terrific, I was telling someone that today it seems to damage saturate ships very quickly too because of the relentless shelling. I’ve noticed quite a few times where I’m getting full pens for no damage. I’m thoroughly enjoying hunting DDs with her though.

    • @Hustle xz maybe they will work it out a little bit because right now, in my opinion at least, it isn’t a ship that can be consistently relied upon to eliminate anything other than dds. It’s good for capping, but if you’re spotted by another destroyer or cruiser with sonar then you’re screwed. And on that note, I’d prefer to be able to swap smoke for radar, just because sitting in smoke doesn’t do a whole lot for me personally as it just invites torpedoes and I’m usually the one spotting for the team.

      Just my thoughts… 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • @William French instead of smoke I’d like the option like the soviets to swap smoke for a heal. Ultimate gunboat then I run my Khaba that way sometimes

  8. Good video man, I’m a gunboat dd player as well, it feels alot more rewarding to get high damage games in gunboat dds, than chucking a wall of skill. Played a couple games so for in her, and I’ll say besides only having one mediocre captain, she got potential.

    • Thanks a lot! 💯 on dominating a game on pure guns and the potential in this ship. Really appreciate you watching and commenting.

  9. Ended up whaling and got mine today. Absolute joy and beast especially with experience in akizuki. Dropped 151,181 game today. I ran her with Sims and Bey but did range instead of reload so got it to 12.1 km without epic battle booster.

  10. Awesome game! But dude… you zooming in and out SO much is overkill and lowkey giving me nausea 😅

  11. Another good video Hustle keep up the good work

  12. Going on the right side of those two islands with the little gap takes too long and you make yourself irrelevant for so long that it’s better to let enemies go there and just wait for them to come around while you handle the middle. P bags went all the way around with you circling around after him when you could’ve just turned around at c cap back north

    • Primary objective should’ve been capping, should’ve gone for B cap instead of circling around. Hind sight 20/20 armchair admirals always chime the same way I understand.

    • Agreed, I got caught up chasing that Lightning in a ring around the rosey game. I figured with my speed I could continue forward just as fast as I could turn around and after I didn’t finish off the P Bag I was leery about going through the channel.

      I think going around the long way in this instance put me in a better spot where we almost won on kills which was really our only hope at that point. Had I turned around and headed back I most likely would have ran into the Benham, Richy & Nagato solo and gotten waxed vs tag teaming those ships with the Akatsuki after taking out their akatsuki.

      Appreciate the feedback though, that’s one of the reasons I do videos to analyze my own gameplay and get better

  13. GG nice game from a member of the spartan army

  14. Good game, man! Looking at your concealment, I’d guess you’re running steering gears is slot 3, right? Are you running prop mod is slot 2? My Swirsky has Mordoff as one of the inspirations; did you use him to get closer to that 1.4s reload?
    Sorry, I’ve been playing around with builds on all different ship classes lately and trying to broaden myself to more than just a concealment DD.

    • Yep you’re spot on with my build. Aiming mod 1, steering, steering & main battery reload mod. I see no reason to spec for concealment other than taking Swirski’s concealment perk in the second row I want to open water gunboat as much as I can and with a sub 11km range I’m gonna need as much agility as I can to dodge shells.

      Swirski 16/2 w/ Sims 14/2 & Mordoff 14/2

    • @Hustle xz Yeah I need to start putting Sims on my gunboats. My Mordoff is also 16L2, and Swirsky will be next week.
      Taking Bey off of Swirsky is gonna make my Błiska stick out like a sore thumb though. I already have to do a double rudder runner build on that one just to make it steerable.

    • @Charles Willimon ahh the old city bus Blyskawica 😂 I am a cruiser main at heart, my most played DDs would be Khaba and Fletcher if that’s any indication. I rarely spec for concealment on anything, survivability and agility are the key to good games for me.

      It’s one of my favorite parts of this game is how different builds work for different people.

    • @Hustle xz Yeah, it’s good thing I subscribed then. Been watching Hipper a lot lately too. My cruisers used to be all dpm and my DDs used to be all concealment, but I’m embracing the agility/survivability builds and having a lot more fun. Also getting a lot more XP. Cheers!

    • @Charles Willimon who do you think taught Hipper? Lol jk Nick is The Godfather of all things Agile. Glad to have you here man and yes that’s why I have stuck with the builds because it amps the fun of the game up.

      I will say, I do modify my builds for division play.

  15. Awesome game! Ship looks like slog of fun, definitely going for admiralty backing this month!

    • It’s a great one to throw down $10, it was never going to be a hard choice for me. Gunboatiest gunboat of all time vs a benson with one less turret and a hydro. I know what I’m taking every time

  16. Great gameplay

  17. I think most players are going to pick Loyang, but I think Friesland is gonna be much better.

  18. Wow, at the 4:37 mark it just shredded that poor Lightning in a few seconds flat

  19. damn, this ship seems like it is very fucking good, nice vid hustle

    • Just got my first Kraken in this monster sadly I wasnt recording. 3k base XP. PICK THE FRIESLAND 100%

    • @Hustle xz I mean hustle the first one is all ways the best, and I got mine in t7 wichita, so were both t7s, nice job and thts coming from a 13 year old

  20. Maybe do some commentary during the gameplay in future. I like to hear players tactics. Nice video, came from Spartan. Good luck!

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