Gunboatiest of all Gunboats – T7 Friesland – World of Warships Legends (Xbox Series SX 1080p)

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WG says this is the “Gunboatiest of all Gunboats” lets find out. Tier 7 Pan-Euro DD The Friesland. A DD with ZERO torpedoes but an insane reload time on it’s main battery.


  1. Noice Game Man!

  2. seeing that reload speed is amazing. great video!!!

  3. Non stop gunboat action my god it’s better than Phub

  4. Crazy shit. Every 1 seconds. Damn , great video.

  5. Awesome ship, I’m definitely getting it. I don’t see how 100% of the players wouldn’t pick it!??

  6. You did set a lot of fires though, which is great. Really good game

  7. Good video man, I’m a gunboat dd player as well, it feels alot more rewarding to get high damage games in gunboat dds, than chucking a wall of skill. Played a couple games so for in her, and I’ll say besides only having one mediocre captain, she got potential.

  8. Ended up whaling and got mine today. Absolute joy and beast especially with experience in akizuki. Dropped 151,181 game today. I ran her with Sims and Bey but did range instead of reload so got it to 12.1 km without epic battle booster.

  9. Another good video Hustle keep up the good work

  10. GG nice game from a member of the spartan army

  11. Awesome game! Ship looks like slog of fun, definitely going for admiralty backing this month!

  12. Great gameplay

  13. I think most players are going to pick Loyang, but I think Friesland is gonna be much better.

  14. Wow, at the 4:37 mark it just shredded that poor Lightning in a few seconds flat

  15. There is only one build you need. The dakka dakka build.

  16. damn, this ship seems like it is very fucking good, nice vid hustle

    • Just got my first Kraken in this monster sadly I wasnt recording. 3k base XP. PICK THE FRIESLAND 100%

    • @Hustle xz I mean hustle the first one is all ways the best, and I got mine in t7 wichita, so were both t7s, nice job and thts coming from a 13 year old

  17. Maybe do some commentary during the gameplay in future. I like to hear players tactics. Nice video, came from Spartan. Good luck!

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