Haarlem Dutch Air Drops are WTF – World of Warships

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It’s been a while but I’m slowly starting to play again 😉

So I played few games in Haarlem which is a tier 8 Dutch CA with 9 guns of 203mm (which honestly don’t feel like 203mm) high HP pool, crap armor, heals and these weird air strikes.

It’s not exactly ez pz to land these strikes if the target is moving and often I didn’t get desired results but if you’re stationary…only God may help you.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Boom Beach….. God, I played that game, then realised you have to play like 4 hours a day just to keep what you have. Someone calculated how much to purchase all the skills ….. $21k. I just stopped, quit the game…. cold turkey…. and oddly … I didn’t miss it, at all.

  2. The first computer joke was a good one.

  3. I played eve for years. Had to quit as was addicted to it, used to play it for hours every day and night. Great game, so much content in it, and so many possibilities. But I’ll never go back, the commitment needed for it was immense, I play WoW purely because I can play an hour at most at night and turn it off and not have to worry about it

    • Played Eve for 10 years when it first started but got burned out by CTA and Mandatory Ops. It became more of a job than entertainment so I stepped away.

    • Me too. Extremely fun but extremely time consuming.

    • @totenliste turning point for me, I was in CVA at the time, we where expecting a large invasion. Sat waiting for 8 hrs, it finally came, we jumped in with our fleet and the server crashed. The enemy fleet had 0 resistance and killed us all without us firing a shot, at the time it was the biggest battle to happen in eve. Well I say biggest battle only one side got to fire. CCP in the end reimbursed everyone for their lost shups. But I wasted the good part of 9 or 10 hrs and most of that was sitting on comms and in the end nothing happened other than a slaughter. But yeah countless CTAs just wasn’t fun anymore. Was better being a roaming pirate with a few friends, once you have space to defend you constantly having to defend it from someone.

  4. good to see you back again, hope the operation has been worthwhile and sucessful.

  5. “…and a consumable to call in Russian Carrier, to anihilate a target immediatly.” -Flambass, 2019 when Puerto Rico hit the Game

    Thank god, it’s not russian.

    • WG 2022:
      <0.11.4 Patchnotes> We have concluded that some Soviet light and heavy cruisers are underperforming and therefore we are adding the airstrike consumable to the following ships: T9 Riga, T10 Petropavlovsk, T10 Alexander Nevsky

    • @Kumori underperforming. right. 😀 😀 😀

  6. Whoever said “Titan pilots. They can’t dock in a station so if they log off, the multi-billion Titan just floats about in space.” hasn’t actually played the game. They were unable to dock, sure, but when you “safely log out”, you are vulnerable for like 20 seconds and then your titan would cloak and vanish. Because you actually logged out in the ship and it left the game world. Literally every Titan ever would do this in a shielded space bubble that kept their log in spot safe (for at least a couple of days).

    But literally none of that matters because Titans can dock in Keepstar citadels (Player owned and fueled stations) as of like… 5 years ago.

    • Historically that was the case. The ship *would* remain in space, regardless of the connection of the pilot. The “safely log out” was not in the game for a loooong time. Thats why hyper-deep safe spots and Deathstar POS’s existed.

    • That’s definitely egg on my face then. I knew many a titan pilot with personal deathstars but I was not aware that safelog was not always a thing.

    • @JerrodKane23 safe log out lets you wait out a logout timer with the ability to move/abort if found. Actual being logged out has always been “gone from game”, the difference being you were left in space until the timer ran down and so vulnerable to being probed and tackled.

  7. Good to see you are back! Hope you get your health to 100% soon!

  8. I missed you. Hope your eyes heal fast! Now, to enjoy this video.

  9. I played EVE for years. Amazing game. Only problem is; there are a LOT of players that will scam you if they can.

  10. 6:52 yes. Thats what Hoods captain said aswell xD

  11. i cant wait to get dutch ships in the game, i really want a new cruiser line to go through

  12. Droid Motorola 388

    I’ve yet to see an air strike that does any damage ever since the Alaska and Iowa incident. well until I watched the end lol. I really dislike ships that depend on gimmicks because the only thing that works here are the strikes.

  13. Eve online is like having a full time job, that’s why I stopped playing it. That said it’s an awesome game with a loooong learning curve.

  14. EvE is amazing, if you have the time to invest. Played it for years and still hop on to blow something up a few times a year.

  15. EVE is a good choice, long game team play. Action packed, strap learning curve. Just your style!

  16. you waste years of training your crew to max level, and then comes WG and raised it.

  17. EVE Online is still amazing, can’t wait to see his reaction to it.

  18. Eve online. One of the steepest learning curves you’ll ever experience. Where a well prepared and knowledgeable player in a frigate can rip apart a noob in a Dreadnaught.

  19. If I’m not mistaken, IBM has sponsored a lot of servers to Eve Online – and there is a lot of actually research going on in the game, on both economy, government, and so much more, There is actually research institutes checking stats and everything in Eve Online.

    As Eve online still is one of the most advanced economic systems and is perfect for so much things.

  20. @FritzOFN Yes there is a lot of people who use what happens in eve as a source for research, we also do research IN eve online (citizen Science) Last two projects have been Exo-planet discovery (reading light curves) and Covid-19 research (Stain sample marking) as mini games. The original Economist who designed and oversaw the market left to teach at university. The scope of Eve is massive, If WOWs was a part of Eve online it would be about 10% of the game.

  21. benjamin coleman

    If you ever really want to sit down and learn about eve online i can tell you all about it. I’ve played for more then 10 years and there are some very large misconceptions about the game.

  22. Eve online – You hit the pay to win button and buy skill injectors from the market <--- bullshitp p/s there's no such thing in eve as a safe place, you fly about in high sec in a transporter with expensive shit in you're hold and you are asking to get ganked. You will not learn eve on you're own - FACT. You can try but you will prob get pissed off before you do. Pro tip - join a noob corp and ask questions. played since 03

  23. Then there are some people you should NOT take game advice from.

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