Hahaha What was even this match – World of Warships

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So I needed to improve Amalfi and this is the game that happened. Needless to say Amalfi, along side Drake was a pain pain PAIN to improve.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Michele Dall'Alba

    the joy of italian torps: you launch them, you forget about them, and then at random torp hits pop up

  2. MyopicAutisticMetal

    he sure bungled that drop!

  3. I am rolling 7’s. Have been able to see flame an jingles just after coming home last few nights good way to end a night

  4. when rnjuses smiles on you.

  5. Today was the worst I’ve ever seen weekend teams. So many where the entire team are incompetent. I had 1100 xp with the teams only 2 killa second place had 500 and the game was over in 6 minutes. Half of my games were like this

    • I had similar experiences. And many 2 CV and sub games as well. The fun has been sucked out of the game. And WG refuses to do anything about it.

    • Go play something else then

    • @Linoge Z Oh, we will – and you will sit longer and longer in MM, and eventually get bombed and torped, when you get a match. Steam rolls all the time. WOWS has turned into WOWP – I wonder if WG had some devs left over from their utter failure of a game and brought them over to spice WOWS up a bit. Enjoy the fun. I had mine since closed Beta – and I am out.

  6. I so hate the company for ruining this game……And yet every time I watch one of your warships videos I want to play just a few matches. Lol something about the sound of the BIG guns that is comforting.

    • Same. Still glad I uninstalled over a year ago.
      Fuck Wargaming.
      Give them a diamond, watch them break it up into 100 small pieces saying its worth more this way “Trust Us” saying they know better than the customer.

  7. I just can’t with the New Orleans player…chasing a ghost for 10 min of 20 min game 🙂

    can you review the reply if he tried to deph charge it?

  8. I was struggling playing Amalfi after Zara dunno why. Hard to secure dmg and kills

  9. The face at 18:07! ;D

  10. At least you can pen BBs with the SAP at the T8 and above. Still have nightmares from Trento SAP shattering on anything not a DD and a broadside cruiser.

    • Слава Сахно

      Amalfi has literally the same pen as Trento for SAP. Did not play for 1+ year, yet still sure this mechanic wasn’t changed and all 203mm SAP have IRC 43 mm of penetration.

  11. When the day is sh!t, you come to the rescue.

  12. The look on your face when the CV drop on the last cruiser was short…

  13. New Orleans checking the border limits are still there, guess he was looking for the next map. Absolute pro’tato…

  14. 18:05 was the ‘Hunt for Red October’ moment. Turned into the path of the torpedoes before they had a chance to arm. Nice.

  15. @Matthew10950 his record on T5 Jianwei – 1400 avg dmg in 68 battles. Player rating = 0 😀
    It’s a bot. I don’t see any other option.

  16. @Paul Plus Luck indeed. They didn’t even try to dodge the rockets at the last second, they just got lucky the points ticked out lmao. And that turn into the map border so their guns were facing the wrong way for the Tirpitz. Watching that New Orleans play made me lose brain cells.

  17. The Old Man is going to enjoy this replay. o7
    And give us a drinking game as he calls the Amalfi something else. Over & over again. XD

  18. @Matthew10950 I wouldn’t be so sure. A bot should/would be better.

  19. thank you for posting! those cv torps at the end had me nervous!!

  20. Did the NO players turn into the torps in the hopes of them coming up short?

  21. You have to send this to Jingles for Game of Throws lmao

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