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Discuss Hakuryu after the hotfix changes that were directly nerfing her along with other changes. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Japanese Carrier Hakuryu Replay

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  1. Just the Hakuryu? Really? Dude, it’s not just the Hakuryu, the whole CVs have been hit with a huge sledgehammer. Not just the Haku:
    -F key is now useless. Every attack is now a suicide run
    -AA buff by changing flak burst to continuous
    -AA buff my adding 30 mm to short range aura
    -DPS nerf by 25%
    -Flooding nerf
    -Nerf recovery time by slowing them down

    Good job, CCs, so many videos about the Hakuryu, and now CVs are useless. I’d take any ship now instead of a CV.

    • Don’t think I could have been happier reading this comment. Totally deserved nerfs.

    • It’s a hotfix. They had to do it due to major problems with that particular ship. They’ll be balancing this for quite a long time. The nerfs are major though.

    • Glad to hear there will be one fewer CV in the queue. Hopefully WG stumbled onto the cure for air cancer here.

    • hope now the CV will be dead and the CV-players could go back to World of Warplanes and we could make your surface-ship-battle like in good old 2018, where every 10th match 1 CV is in game. Then, ok, it was nice to get a good CV on our side because it was free win, and if you get the noob cv – it was a 100% safe lose. But ok, all 10th match it was ok. Gearing round yesterday and shoot down 34 planes, but 2 Midways get killed me in the end unfortunatly. But we won this because this 2 CV focused me for more then 12 min while our CV could make damage to their ships

    • SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

      Think of it as atoning for your crimes

  2. WG never going to balance…

  3. Alexandre Hans Albert

    Imagine a tier 8 cv in that match making..

  4. And then there were no more cv in the que… .magic

  5. well and here I was thinking.
    the purpose of the rework was to persuade more players to play aircraft carriers.
    that has only lasted a week.

    • +MegaSuckitdry I though the main reason of the CV rework is they launched the game on consoles and clearly, to the moment now, console is not made for command and conquer

    • Well, the patch was to persuade more players to play aircraft carriers

      Not to persuade more players to play Hakuryu

    • +Alex Yen may be if they weren’t running a bunch of events that you had to grind out on the main server people would have…. Also they need to offer more than a handful of signals as a reward for doing so. It can take people ages to even download the PTS client if their connections aren’t great, why would you do that for a few flags?

      If you want people on PTS then it needs to be better organised.

    • @holyguy11, I will put you in a boiling water. Let’s see how you are adapting to that. 8km torps of the Hakuryu. You don’t see the bombers dropping the wall of torps every 40 seconds. Why do I have to adapt to that?

    • +VuHien2011 u need to put @ in front of the name of the person u are responding too. Atleast it will notify him of your reply.

  6. Can you remind me how is DD spotting better with 3 wings instead of 4 ? Just one aircraft is enough to spot … Attack power was reduced. Spotting was not changed at all ….

    • +David play a few hundred rounds of DD and then come say those things. You obviously don’t play DD because you would know how wrong you are. But go ahead and throw rocks.

    • +BigFatRillos I know I’ve played over 8,000 games and have been torped and HE spammed countless times by DDs. No ship class is easy but DDs are FAR from being underpowered.

    • +BigFatRillos David’s obviously trolling. Don’t waste your time.

    • +David Someone posted a hack on the forum to avoid torps and its use has not been banned yet.
      Use the wasd keys to change course and speed, at the moment only the unicums use it but with time the secret will be better known to all.
      I will ask Notser to do a video on it.

    • +David yeah yeah yeah …. sure … you obviously never played DDs … stealth HE spamming ? ever heard of a Worcester ? Or Atlanta / Cleveland ?

  7. Honestly the Hakuryu was way too strong and the rest of CVs feel so easy to counter. I feel bad for anyone that enjoys playing CVs right now because they are a mess. Non-tier 10 cvs felt so weak before this and now they cant even save their planes. This was an over nerf. They should have focused on the Hakuryu and F-spam and maybe buffed other aspects of the under-performing CVs.

    • A “good game” at t6 in my jap CV is 30k damage and That is with multiple torpedo hits and even a Citadels. And forget it if you get up teired to teir 8 AA

    • +Praos Crihdoe same there, with my Ranger.

    • Ryujo felt a little too strong before imo. I was just running circles around the enemy averaging 70k damage. Destroyers especially had it bad. Which is why I was happy that they buffed AA. DD’s still aren’t in a great spot but it is at least a step in the right direction for them. Unfortunately, we’re quickly heading back into the days of huge sectors of the map being no fly zones. Obviously, teams that stick together should be rewarded for their teamwork but the large caliber AA range on some of the higher tier ships is ridiculous. Some of them just need to be in the same postal code to swat your planes out of the air and most of the time that’s before they pop dfaa.

      Now, I don’t mind AA getting buffed but Wargaming seriously needs to pick one direction to go with it. Before the hot fix it was “try to avoid the flak and get rewarded with big attack numbers” Now though it’s “Fly straight through that flak if you want your attack to have a chance of landing.” You can’t have it both ways WG.

      Their “hot fix” is just a “hot take” which has led it to becoming a “hot mess.” They really need to postpone 8.1 and take a serious look at balancing CVs/AA.

    • +Scatoletta me exactly too. Ryujo is weak as at the moment. It’s so not fun. I want to enjoy the new rework but this is just BS.

    • +The Gaming Python I stopped playing CVs, I’m farming other lines rn, but I hope they fix this soon since I really enjoy the rework

  8. Nerfs are too big, as much as I hate CVs with a passion, this does not seem remotely fun to play…

  9. Nerf might be a little overkill. Have to wait and see but my gut feeling is that there might be a slight adjustment back the other way.

    • Yeah i want to wait and see too, but i have a feeling that a slight continuous AA nerf (not much, maybe just like 5%) will be in order.

    • +CamoDrako What can he do? Send his planes to death and end up with 0 dmg done? People were screaming for DD nerf for days (AA buff to surface ships = DD nerf since they become the only target the CVs can reliably attack). Now CVs will have 20-50k battles constantly. Fun fun.

    • +CamoDrako He also struggled to finish that last DD off at the end for a few minutes, and never did end up killing it. Doesn’t seem OP to me, just RNG.

    • +Bimmer Bomber The difference was that DD played smart, the first one didn’t, so from that point of view it’s working

    • +Chris Parkin I would agree with that. I’m all for CVs being more balanced. I’m a CV and DD main myself, so I can see the argument from both sides. On one hand, ships do need to protect themselves from CVs, but on the other hand, it cant just be automatic auras and sailing straight. If someone counters me in a CV by using manual AA selection, flak sectors, and WASD hacks, then I’m fine with that. GG. But on the other hand, CVs need to be able to deal damage as well lol There absolutely needs to ba a balance there, and ideally, it’s balanced by both players’ individual skill, not RNG, auras, and other non-interactive elements.

  10. So from your statements my Cruiser shouldnt be able to get sank when its near 2-3 atlantas or BB’s. You sound like you want it all one sided…your side

  11. I like this meta.
    Ships are now more grouped to avoid getting fked by CVs.
    But with this change, CVs is almost unplayable.
    The problem with DDs still intact too, DDs still having difficulties capping.

    • But ships shouldn’t be grouped up like that, you can’t set up crossfires unless you have 4 big ships or more, and you lose map influence. Overall this update decreased the possibilities of tactical playing, increased the rng-based mechanics and downgraded the gameplay. Hopefully they’ll get things right in a few updates

    • Good, keep grouping! You’ll make a perfect torpedo spam target!

    • More grouped ? Better said more lemming trains , they threw the tactical flanks out of the window for any kind of ship

    • I’m actually addressing BB’s island camping problem (or those BBs who just stay as far as possible from the battlefield only does long range salvos) and DD’s soloing the entire game on the previous patch.
      CVs rework indirectly punishing these players, force them to stick with their teams out of fear of CVs.
      And, no, by ‘grouped up’ i don’t mean the entire team rushing up 1 point.
      Tho, I agree, WG is yet to achieve this ‘balanced and fun gameplay’, but give ’em more time to get things right for the next few updates.

    • You are 100% incorrect. I’ve done personal testing with tier 10 DDs, with the initial 0.8.0 release and after the hotfix. With the initial release, you are correct – DDs couldn’t do their job: they couldn’t cap or contest caps; they couldn’t scout; they couldn’t engage enemy ships and deal damage. With the hotfix, I was able to cap, I was able to contest caps, I was able to scout, and I was able to deal damage. I tested with the Shima, Gearing and Grozovoi.

  12. The nerf is definitely overkill. Don’t you see that your entire torp squadron gets destroyed after just one set of torp drop? The nerf was too much for Midway as well, Montana becomes untouchable; even GK kills half a squadron after one drop. The attack aircraft was the jewel of Midway and now it has lost 25% of its damage potential, attack aircraft can only deal 1.7-3.2k damage for each successful attack on DD anyway. Losing planes is significant because launching a half full squadron means that your planes are killed faster. I think the solution would be increase the planes restoration rate and nerf AA cruiser such as Mino, Des Moines and Worchester. These ships are already powerful against surface ship and its not fair for other heavy cruisers.

    • Yeah I do one or the other either improve the surface ships or nerf the airplanes but don’t do both because then it’s useless

    • well.. is there any problem ? 99% players needed this nerf and we doesnt care about other 1 % cv players opinion.

  13. This CV rework is crap still.
    I still cant manually control my AA.
    With the new CV rework Concealment Expert is completely useless: I’m always spotted.

    • they removed air spotting limit…now its at max distance so my GK is air spotted at 15km+

    • Why would you want to manually control your AA- have you really got that much spare time while playing vs ships?

    • +Kneecapper Not all my AA but in the old system there was that 4 point captain Skill “Manual Fire Control for AA”. I did manage to pick the fighter squadron I wanted to shoot at.
      Beside that there is something called “Focus Fire”. Trust me in Battles there was such thing when a plane got too close to a ship.
      And I really want that because now my only AA Defence is RNG. Imagine how would feel the CV players if they wouldnt be able to control their bomber squadrons but only pick a squadron and order them to atack a certain ship. I bet they wouldnt like that huh?!

    • It’s worse than that. Imagine if CVs could only pick a side of their ship for the planes to fly toward, and hope that they attack something effectively. ?

  14. *Notser missed one thing. They also made the 8km Hakuryu torps -10 knots slower to 40knots instead of 50knots like they used to be.*

  15. Attila Zoltán Szűcs

    CV population plummets! 8.2 hot fix inc

  16. “the year of cv” and “the end of cv” happened in 1 week lol

  17. HEY NOTSER, Go play a T8 Carrier. In fact, play five or six in a row. It was your “feedback” that helped bring that about. I hope you’re Fun and Engaged.

    • He hates CVs. If he gets sub 10k dmg, he will be happy and say: “This is exactly how it should work the ship AA feels powerful as it should”. His whining about CVs is really annoying.

  18. Why do all contributors cover T10 CVs only? Noone presents CV gameplay in low tiers, like Hosho or Ranger. Ranger actually sucks beyond all reasons, you have to sweat blood to make 50k DMG with enemy ships having brutal AA and your planes just disappear.

    • Ranger & Ryujo is okay

      Hosho and Langley, both are just horribly unfun and unrewarding to play, you might as well skip them.

    • Because low tier CVs are unplayable.

    • +Indra Setiawan Ryujo is NOT ok. It gets completely ripped apart even against same tier ships.

    • +Indra Setiawan I just played Hosho. It convinced me not to pay a cent to WG until they fix this nonsense! Cannot even contribute. T5 ships have BRUTAL AA, I can hardly drop 1 single torp on a ship before it wipes all my planes off, and the 1 torp made about 3-4 k dmg. Impossible!

  19. Lord Flash Heart Gaming TV

    Might as well remove cvs from the game now. No new player to cvs will go near them now.

  20. Notser t10 isn’t the only tier. Would be nice to see something out of you relevant to the other 80% of the playerbase.

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