Hakuryu – 362K DMG- !!! – HIGHEST i have seen so far :-) World of Warships replay

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Player: viceadmiral123
Ship: Hakuryu
Map: Warriors Path

User Description:

Uncommon game in that the enemy team doesn’t have strong anti-air ships (like the usual AA division stacking you meet in t10). Free carry mode.

Showcasing specifics for carrier:

1. DoT stacking

2. Management of squad reloads to prioritize TBs

3. Longer range manual TB drops to avoid anti-air

Note the low reward modifier for CV class – credit/exp is poor even in hard carry games.

How to: Hakuruy 2550 exp, 362k dmg, 18min []

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  1. MonsterSTRAFE at 14:44 :-)

  2. that XP and crédits are so pittifull for all he did

  3. Great video, but following the planes nauseated me, as most carriers
    players make jerky moves with squadron which changes the camera angles
    constantly. Just a suggestion 🙂 Love your videos!

  4. Final Fantasy Foreva

    CV earnings need buff

  5. All that carry, and he only gets 123k credits net total?
    Seriously WG WTF? He taken absolutely no damage (a sign of good CV play)
    and he still has to pay the full repair cost?

  6. hope ill über met you as my opponent, but i Just dont get why These bb Just
    keep on turning away from the torps and try to Take every Single One of

  7. Holy sh1t!! O_O carriers for noob they said… I love this carrier holy

  8. How is it that 12 torpedo planes aloft at the same time is OP for the USN,
    but not for the IJN?

  9. Just 2,5K Xp for 362K damage? It should be more than 4K and I can’t imagine
    If this hakuryu had premium camo, it could be incredible!

  10. If everyone play CV like him, I think no one would play WOWs anymore

  11. you see if a CV is played by a good player, than ist is op.
    but there is really litte part of CV players wich were good.
    sry 4 wrong grammar XD

  12. And he still only made 120k credits. Lol. Anyways, that was a masterclass
    by him in how to CV.

  13. FIREWORKS at 14:45

  14. Андрей Морозов

    Авианосец крут!

  15. очень рукастый авиковод

  16. Wow…just WOW! He needs a promotion for that performance, from
    “viceadmiral123” to “FleetAdmiral#1”!!!!

  17. Ho-lee-shit! Great plays by viceadmiral, great watch Panzer!

  18. You could also call the first two minutes of this video “How Not To
    Battleship.” ;-P

    Seriously, though, the editing on this replay is beautiful; it really shows
    exactly what the player did and when. It must have been a pain to make.

  19. I did half that damage with Takao but got 300 more base xp than him… =/

  20. lol the torp hits on the DD’s was because of idiotic captains piloting
    them. lol

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