Hakuryu: Kraken – World of Warships

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I really enjoy while playing with Hakuryu. I know this is not fun for Hindenburg and Kreml but it is what it is.
My Hakuryu captain, modules:


  1. Евгений Цымбал


  2. QAQ I want 4 torpedo QAQ
    2 torpedo just like I am playing T6CV…

  3. Put some free exp flags, it’s 200% to farm free exp and capt exp

  4. Very well played! Love those Dive bombers!

  5. Is there a master list of ships that AP bombs work best on?

  6. Do you consider the plane speed module stronger than the planes health one?

  7. Best CV atm in the game.
    Would you like to tell us which modules you’re using? Concealment or reduced preparation time? Quicker aim of concealment expert?

    • There is a link in description about modules, captain skills. i don’t recommend Concealment on any aircraft carrier.

  8. William Drayman

    Great gameplay, thanks for these vids, I’m learning a lot from them. Please keep ’em coming!

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