Hakuryu – Post CV Rework – Battle + Ship Overview – World of Warships

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Are CV’s any good, post CV Rework? Lets find out!


Discord – https://discord.gg/7YzVNmE


  1. Note: This was recorded before the Hotfix patch… so frankly this has changed and well… go play it now and see if you like it. 🙂

    It will likely change again in 0.8.1 as well

  2. Excellent video as always Mr Deals

  3. Love to see more qna with rogue..love your channel..in fact really like to see more 2 hour tech talk videos you did on black Friday..my favorite is the 4 hour one…i have listened to EVERY one at least twice while I’m at work..thats how much I love learning about tech shit…keep up the excellent content…

  4. Careful what you wish for springs to mind.
    Personally I think they have ruined the game with this rework. I was looking forward to playing the old carriers as I got better at the game, but now I’m just not gonna play the game at all, it’s a shame because I really liked it.
    If I wanted to fly planes, I would’ve played world of war planes instead.

  5. I want to give WarGaming the benefit of the doubt, but as a casual player, this update has been hell. The game is fundamentally broken right now, and all I hear is Panglossian chants of “Don’t worry, WG will fix it!” I thought the same thing for Fallout 76… And they never came through.

    I just want to be able to enjoy the game again. Before the Patch, I had finally reached a place where I was decently confident in my understanding of the game and was steadily improving. Now, I’m just frustrated at every turn. All the time and money sunk into a game I no longer find fun taunts me.

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