Hakuryu: Testing Torpedo Bombers (Mod. 8) – World of Warships PTS

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Today, im testing Hakuryu with quadruple (4x) Mod. 8 torpedo bombers on new map Greece.
0.8.4 PTS, Public Test Server.

1- Mod. 8 torpedo bombers are flying, aiming at flak explosion level. This means that all your bombers will be destroyed in a short time when you enter AA distance.

2- playing with these torpedo bombers makes you feel like playing with DD without torpedo aim assistant.

3- The torpedoes are very slow, 40 kts makes it easy avoidable. 45 kts speed, 9 km range would be nice.

Early to say something but this torpedo bombers has great potential like zoning, smoke torping.

Hakuryu test build, captain skills, upgrades end of the video.


  1. wtf nerf cv please

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      +王达益 I tell you Midway doesn’t care if you stay in a group 😅 it will ruin you if he wants. Have a nice day!

    • +Raul Alexandru Bota in Asian server, 8 of 10 players who complain cv is op are players who like to solo, and the rest are the one who get ruin by cv

    • +Raul Alexandru Bota solo, then get aimed by cv, then ship got destroyed and blamed “wtf, cv is too op, wg do something!”, daily of Asian server

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      +王达益 Alright, alright I just told you my experience. I’ve seen not just once Midway being able to drop on ships even when there are 3 or 4 together so if a CV wants to strike it will strike that much is undeniable. Have a good day.

    • +Raul Alexandru Bota I know that bad feeling, but at least stick together can reduce the dmg you receive (from 1 flight can do at least 3 atk once become 1 or 2 atk at once flight

  2. Hi. Thanks for Testing. It feels like before the first nerf. You can drop 3 Waves of 4 Torps in an area and press F. Ok..now the last 4 planes will possible not survive but the way to play is silimar. You can attack groups of Enemy, deny area or torp an enemy DD out of hin Smoke. Before the fist nerd there where Games with 300-400k Damage. In my Oppinion WG will Change this again. You can drop to fast.

  3. That’s one sick sci-fi looking Hakuryu

  4. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Does invisibility perk is working on carrier and it’s planes?

  5. Mugas Sudiyantoro

    If Haku torpbomber aircraft speed about 170,how about aidacious that only 204kts at max

  6. Looks like Hellkuryu is coming back. Might even gonna grind the tech tree just for the fun of playing the flying Shimakaze

  7. can you make a tutorial how to use IJN Dive bomber?

  8. Hate the waiting time of the planes

  9. what do you think about slingshoting with DB’s? (sorry if you have answered this question before, I’m just curious)

  10. Have you been having problems with plane drops on Public Test Server? It feels really clunky compared to the Live Server.

  11. 1 torp hit per 12 no thanks

  12. Frederick Fuentes

    Dropping this many trips looks and feels impressive but it’s incredibly hard to match the damage output of the standard torp bombers. The 40k speed and detectability of torps make them easy to dodge.You are better off using the 2 Torp drop and recalling your flight after two passes I think.

    • except the later torps, for first several torp teams, around 2hit per travel(12planes)
      it seems to be safe for ship at least…

  13. Love the camo.

  14. 델타전사오혜성

    Looks like Japen have alien – tech CV and Planes.

  15. thx for testing. I’m about to buy a primier CV(maybe it will be Enterprise) do you think is it worth for paying? if not, i would like to buy a primier BB

  16. тупой авиапидераст..bugger stupid

  17. I love this skin, but no money at that time QQ

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