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Hakuryū — Japanese Tier X aircraft сarrier. SUPERIOR AIRCRAFT CARRIER
An aircraft carrier designed to be an enlarged and enhanced version of the Taiho class. Hakuryu was superior to her predecessor in size, armor and artillery power. Owing to an increased hangar, she could carry the largest air group among all Japanese aircraft carriers.

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  1. pirireis4545 yamato

    oyuncu kardeşim saldıracağı hedefi çok iyi biliyor eline sağlık thunderer kraken için burun çevirdi:))

  2. şuan ağaçda olan en güzel cv hakuryu bakalım rus cvler nasılolcak görcez 🙂 tabi benim görüşüm hakuryu için

  3. I will buy space camo for my haku.

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