HALLAND first LOOK – World of Warships

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? Play World of Warships: https://wgaffiliate.com/?a=1290&c=4692&s1=
? Play World of Tanks : https://wgaffiliate.com/?a=1290&c=4705&s1=
? Play Total War Arena: https://wgaffiliate.com/?a=1290&c=4780&s1=
? USS TEXAS + 2M Credits + premium (for new Player only ): https://wgaffiliate.com/?a=1290&c=9506&s1=https://wgaffiliate.com/?a=1290&c=9506&s1=

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Danke !


  1. Yes! European dd are out for testing!

  2. Build captain ?

  3. Interesting concept, torps do not deal huge damage, but fast and long range. Sounds like fun.

  4. Wtf??
    Those are space torps…

    • Wouldn’t surprise me if they were Spearfish torpedoes. Which were introduced in 1992, but leave it to WG to say f*** it lets do it.

  5. Hybrind gunboat and torpedoboat, with good AA, ill take it, i hope its coal

  6. Lol i’m the Massachusetts in this match

  7. Original had 2 torp launchers one was 5 torp and the other was 3 torp (wire guided). I see they made both into the 5 torp. Apparently only 4.7 in guns too.

  8. Hella weak torps, will need its own play style!!!

  9. I’d be honored to be her captain

  10. Put TA for trolling 91kts
    1st salvo
    2nd salvo perma flooding

  11. Ferrari torpedoes not really bad

  12. Heck yeah!! I hope they add these dds + swedish voiceover

  13. How Long Is your Torpedo range?

    Halland: YES

  14. unofficial solo warrior. nice.

  15. ı disliked his the acting..?

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