Halland without CVs – World of Warships

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Halland in a match without CVs, ranked mode, gold league.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. good timing.

  2. Why they get 2 radars and we 0 ? Thats my question at the beginning of each match… 😀

    • Please_Change_Username

      Because imbalanced games keep people playing! Yes the bad games suck, but when your on the powerful team you win, have fun, and this dopamine hit overrides the bad times.

      Well balanced teams would mean poor players would actually suck more often, meaning they’re less likely to keep playing and giving WG money.

    • Or you spawn across 4 tier 10s while you and 2 other tier 8s spawn on that side

    • Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

      That’s the unanswered question and I ask it about 1.5 years and still not satisfied, the problem is not radar only…
      Premiums also, sometimes I see 2 thunderer a Stalingrad and bunch of super cruiser shit and too many premium dd’s enemy side while we have only tree ships or 2 premium or half premium ships then red team.. I didn’t understand..

  3. last time i was this early, CV’s were overpowered :p

  4. Just woke up, about to take my spot on my throne for my morning release 👌

  5. So is 400 comments the goal now?

  6. James Nicholson

    Gotta love a bit of Hallandaise sauce from flambass first thing

  7. undertakernumberone1

    “I keep running Halland and there is no carriers…” Reminds me of the First(?) 1on1 Ranked season with Carriers. ANYTIME I took the Kidd? BBs. When i took the Asashio? Carriers, DDs, Cruisers…

  8. Adrian Januszewski

    Could we appreciate the crossover of Flambass and Panzer Cracker?

  9. Emanuel Eriksson

    400 comments you say… We can beat tht!

  10. halland in no cv match is like playing Shimakaze with only 10 torps lol

  11. How is it possible, that a Shima and a Daring together, against one Yama are not able to sink that Yama…..

    • WOWS never ceases to surprise.

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      They had enough HP that any of them could’ve, and should’ve just YOLOd the Yammy at any point (especially around an island).
      But noo, when the other flank was getting overrun they wasted their time saving their HP.

    • That was *two* Shimas and a Daring versus one Yamato. Did you notice the guy turn pink? Someone sent fish at a friend.

    • @Wojciech Dubrownik you don’t yolo a battleship when there are still DDs left to fight, their actual mistake was ignoring each other and sailing alone instead of coordinating torps to get floodings on the yamato, while being ready to fight any DD coming their way in a 2v1

  12. It seems War Gaming can balance match making to the same extent they can balance ships.

  13. I love playing Halland, when the CV does his usual scouting at the start of the game, spots me and thens like “nope fuck that shit” and fly’s off.

  14. MM was OK. Red team had 2 radars and green team had Flambass! 😉

  15. WG make a fair-ish MM…..in our dreams

  16. Remember two years ago when WeeGee said they were going to balance radar MM? 🤣🤣🤣

  17. radar moskva is the new ship that gets no guns, but permanent full map radar

  18. It’s totally normal to have 0 vs 3 radars, be it in random or ranked. Can’t wait for 0 vs 3 Ise… plus CVs.

  19. Prince of Hyrule

    Dreadnaught in a dd. Never thought I’d see the day!!! 🤣

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