Halloween 1.1 Million Damage =) World of Warships

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  1. Kollege von mir hatte gestern 1,2 Mio – dachte nicht das es soviel ist das da Videos kommen 😛

  2. Got 1.7 mio in the chapaev. So not that big of a deal

  3. Fallout 4 Nuka World

    1.1 Million DMG 😱

  4. Ramming the great gorgon while having the shield is an easy 800k in damage..

  5. Crazy secondary, what kind of skill is this?

    • should be fully secondaries. which is best for this mission. ifhe / firestarter, and the other 3 skills. including manually fire. you get easy 250k dmg only by secondaries with this built. including modules on secondaries. both yes.

  6. 島風是個驅逐艦

    That’s a lot of DAMAGE!

  7. I would be surprised if this is Lexington, try that on CV. 😀

  8. wtf 😀

  9. My clanmate got 1.7 mil in the cruiser

  10. so this is important.
    How many Damage you tanked?

  11. Can we do this scenario already? I thought we have to wait until next Wednesday?

  12. 亞洲服+1不過最多做到92萬傷害

  13. LOL, I did 1.3mil with the BB over 1200 secondaries…fun as crap…4 stars cant get 5….

  14. Welchen Spielmodus muss ich auswählen um die Spizial Schiffe auf Tier 8 zu spielen? Halloween-Modus ist doch nur für Tier 3?

  15. Анатолий Копаев

    1388 on cruiser I have

  16. GG Awesome video thanks for the share

  17. Afrizal Firmansyah


  18. This is so much better than the World of Tanks Halloween Mode for this year.

  19. I got a 1.4M I have a screenshot somewhere if you want to see

  20. 最后竟然还是撞上翔鹤了,太强了

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