Halloween Boss Battle – Salem Witch Slaughter World of Warships

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  1. WaR Razgriz “IJN Amatsukaze” Blaze

    WarGaming should create an over-powered twin-hull battleship with a twin
    100 cm cannon XD
    I want to see people rage XD. Oh yeah with several triple 64 cm cannon and
    with superior AA

    It’s like Yamato on steroid + the AA layout of IJN Maya, the sister of the
    Takao heavy cruiser :D

  2. Still hasn’t learned to shoot AP…..sometimes painful to watch :D

  3. Barron God do u get one

  4. Baron you need to use ap more often

  5. Awesome game play

  6. I don’t think these kind of ”boss battles” are funny for new players that
    just got to T3-4.

  7. Alessandro Filippi

    The enemy team played like idiots

  8. the kraken is the name of a pirate ship.

  9. How about submarines in WoW’s.

  10. How to get those Halloween ships? I didn’t find them on the website.

  11. Wonder what they’ll call this in EU or SEA, as they probably don’t know
    about the salem witch hunts

  12. Does the side assisting the Boss get any sort of reward?

  13. I think the Idea of this is great, but as per usual the EU gets fucked
    off!, its for the US server only, we make Wargaming the most money, but we
    don’t get these events, talk about a piss take :(

  14. nice job taking all those ships out you were right on the edge of dieing i
    still cant believe what just happened

  15. I’m sorry we got mean in the comments section on the A7M1 video. :(

  16. love how WG gives the “boss” ships to the biggest noobs in the game….

  17. Sees two enemy battleship in front of him, proceeds to show them his
    broadside! X)

  18. Boss battles are neat. Keep the game Fresh. Great game-play.
    OMG the Kraken, shut-up and take my money.

  19. “We set six fires for 7400, that is pretty good” is it? O_o

  20. That Monty Python reference made me love you all the more

  21. the lack of AP

  22. good job baron u make good videos keep it up i really like this vid

  23. Will we loose all our progress after the beta ends?

  24. She turned me into a newt

  25. No offense but your aim is horrible

  26. Captain Ahab/Nautilus boss battle would be awesome! Low detectability,
    great torps and ramming without taking damage.

  27. BaronVonClutch

  28. focke wulf (vurger)

    that is wrong i sank one last week and did not get anything for it, you
    have to win the battle not sink the witch, and our battle was short 6 ships
    and they had the witch, which should have been on our team. screwed up WG
    crap. i have had one 3 times twice on my team and the one on the enemy team

  29. Haha that poor Kolberg… I know his pain. Engine knocked out, repaire,
    engine instantly knocked out again. It’s such a shit ship

  30. Bro how did u get the hallowe’en skin..

  31. Best ships for taking out the Salem Witch:
    Myogi – Faster, longer range, better armor, much more powerful AP rounds,
    and almost as much HP. Either stay out of it’s range and shoot until it
    dies, or if it doesn’t have support get close and aim at citadels.
    Isokaze – Great Torpedoes and STEALTH! Just be careful not to be spotted
    approaching it or everyone will shoot you. Watch out for planes and other

  32. You know that moment when you comment and the youtuber doesn’t notice you

  33. The boss battles are ok, but one problem i have is some of the maps it is
    possible to get a draw on and then as far as I know no one gets the reward.
    So far every map that can have a draw has been a draw with a boss ship.
    Which is very annoying, so maybe you can pass that along to WG.

  34. You quoted Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You legend.

  35. Zachary Casselberry (Ghost4278)

    Every boss battle I have played the boss team loses by default every time.

  36. Mark Kennedy (MrMark123w)

    Are you going to stream today?

  37. BaronVonGamez can you take out the Aoba!??

  38. Salem is op

  39. You should have shot AP for everything out there!

  40. Daniele Emancipato

    Baron you’re damn gooooood. I’m learning so much from your videos, thank
    you very much !

  41. Too many of the drivers of these are cocky mouthy people! been in 5 matches
    so far. Every one they was so much bragging going on from them.. It is kind
    of a stupid setup. I was running a BB and head on with the Boss ship and he
    hit me for 10000 points?! such crap… But nice video..

  42. How should we know? We don’t have them in Europe….

  43. is this event only on the american servers? cos ive never come up against
    any of tehse ships in the EU server.

  44. she turned me into a newt…I got better

  45. fewer men…

  46. Pimp my warship XD

  47. I want a amagi video!!!!

  48. That was an epic battle!

  49. Baron that boss battle event thing OMG the Salem is so OP

  50. So no.

    Baron doesn’t know how to World of Warships yet.

    darn :(

  51. Stupid magically disappearing ships.

  52. Good game!

  53. It was a nail bitter…lol

  54. i think the boss battles are great and that they are seasonal ! cant wait
    to see the next ones, lol! Christmas lights for the riggings, lol!

  55. The Seal clubbing was real in this game… Loved how the guy was like
    “–For a rigged game.” When he had another 6-extra ships.

  56. I really hate Wargaming for not bringing this to the EU server. Sure,
    Halloween is a big thing in the US, but didn´t it originally come from the

  57. keep up the great work Baron!

  58. Amazing!!

  59. I’d prefer if they focused on getting other nations fully involved such as
    Britain. After all Britain had one of the largest navies in the world at
    the time.

  60. That was a good battle sir Baron.

  61. hey baron next tank you use should be the kv-1 and the t-34s

    Every fucking video you get it wrong. You play this for a living. At least
    get basic shit right

  63. How about fighting that thing off that shitty movie “Battleship”? The movie
    might have sucked, but the alien ship was dope.

  64. Jagdtiger

  65. Quintin Baumeister

    Christmas time better have a CV with santa as a dive bomber. “Take these
    gifts down your smoke stacks, ya sea dogs!!”

  66. When you actually aim your guns, you do realize there is a flight time on
    the left? so when your shooting cruisers and its a 10 second flight time or
    so it says, when fire off a volley @ 5 seconds and expect them to hit?
    I’m sure you already know this, but it gets frustrating and really annoying
    to watch.

  67. Would love to know what its like but we get ignored in EU

  68. Baron Von Shredmeister in da house!

  69. Kraken would be epic, just have it open ocean, have it in the middle and
    its tentacles waving about slamming down randomly, 2 teams gotta shoot the
    eyes out with torpedus and AP also PVP , to the victor go the spoils but
    you gotta work together to get enough HP down on it but also have enough
    friendlies left to take the prize, so.. o3o Release the Kraken!

  70. i havent seen one of these boss fights yet

  71. Shit was tense

  72. What a game wow!!

  73. damn. seal clubbing at low tiers with a des moines. Could have at least
    used more ap. put dah hammer down

  74. Moot… not “mute”

  75. How many of you have come up against the Salem Witch cruiser or the Phantom
    Fortress carrier in the boss events? It started Oct. 20 and goes till
    November 2nd. Here’s an article on it:


  77. Does anyone know if there are any plans if this or something close to this
    is coming to consoles I would buy it for PC but I don’t have a powerful
    enough for it to actuay run it

  78. 10 ye

  79. tenryu pronounce as : ten-ruu

  80. damn so close

  81. 5th comment awesome video Baron

  82. IM OLD GREG!

  83. First like!!! Awesome video

  84. so close

  85. dammit

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