Halloween Mode – Info and gameplay – World of Warships

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  1. to bad everytime I try this mode it crashes my laptop

  2. i did it at 4 try with the dd

  3. 13 try no win

  4. Wow. That looks hard. Of course, it didn’t help that you had some doofus
    crashing into you half the game. With a well coordinated team this would be

  5. Did it my 3rd try with the DD, also don’t think AP on rasputin is worth it,
    you should go for DoT.
    I did over 60k flooding on the poor bastard.

  6. LMFAO @ Ras-Putin! I’m somewhat surprised that WG would dare make fun with
    Putin’s name, I mean that guy does NOT fuck around!

    WG probably consulted him in some way to make sure WG HQ didn’t get a few
    barrel bombs to the face!

  7. 9:49 Awww damnit, from the way the announcer said it, it REALLY sounded
    like the boss was “Ras-Putin”, which would have been a funny play on words,
    also they referred to him as “The EVIL” – but then I don’t think anyone
    apart from Hillary Clinton wants to piss off Vladimir Putin!

  8. I hope this is live on NA! It will be a great way to waste time until the
    Belfast is released here. I don’t want to spend doubloons on Premium Time
    just yet, as the NA store REALLY does a good job with bundles that are IMO,
    a BAD IDEA to refuse and opt for just the ship!

    For instance, on NA when Scharnhorst came out, I could have bought her
    alone for about $42 OR, and this is what I did do, I spent just $47 on the
    Scharnhorst, 1 month of premium, and ALL the equipment I wanted to mount on
    the Scharnhorst.

    It was the same way when I bought the Molotov, the Kutuzov, the Sims, the
    Blyskawica – pretty much EVERY premium above tier 5!

  9. Aldo use Ap on catapults

  10. so, it’s Steampunk vs evil ghosts… lol

  11. Co-op team play and escort mission totally needs to be a normal game mode.
    This looks quite fun.

  12. Tips for win : Catapults must be the first to die above all else ( They
    give heavy damage ) BB’s with AP shooting at the Cat’s will or should be
    able to Crit them
    Stay with or infront of Transavana
    Enemy BB have better acc the closer they become ( I click on my seconderies
    which helps make hits )
    If you live to see rasputian Nothing else matters kill him after that you
    should make it in
    PS forget about Ships behind you they are not really a threat and a waste
    of your reload time if new ships spawn infront
    XTimberWolfX 5 Catapults 5 Kills 1 Rasputian kill

  13. I think transylvania should be stopped at the middle of map by out of her
    circle until the color is white, and take out all BBs and Rasputin with
    torps, fire, APs…..but every single game my teammates never understand,
    that’s my idea

  14. Lol I won 5 times of 5 trials… That is awfully lame. Just kill the
    catapults. Deal with everything nearby and ignore the 3 vessels approaching
    from behind. The rest is… Idk it felt like a very low bot match :/

  15. Those are actually Nassau, Isokaze, and St Louis with the damage profile
    and reload time changed.

    Keep in mind that Rasputin (AKA the boss Imperator Nikolai) has a crapton
    of HP, your best bet to take it down is by keeping it flooding and on fire
    at all times. One enemy will also spawn from the gate, be sure to kill that
    one quickly if you want the never stop bonus.

  16. und wo sind die clowns??,

  17. Okay this MAP needs to stay.

  18. Transylvania… IS THAT THE SS GREAT EASTERN?

  19. greetings from poland Panzer 🙂 Super chanel :)

  20. I prefer the destoyer….
    U have torps

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