Halloween: Raid for the Filth | World of Warships

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Welcome to the Raid for the Filth. Will you prevail over Rasputin this time? Learn the rules of the brand new Halloween event!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Are you hyped for new event?
    Ready to take down Rasputin?:)

  2. Im hyped for this event. Hope its fun! 😀

  3. “Do you get it?” “Think about that!” WoWs2019

  4. Damn the puns in this video are more than the times I get deleted immediately when playing the Genova.

  5. Can we take a moment and talk about how epic those skins are

  6. The CGI and effects are creative and interesting, but the gameplay is too difficult and stressful for me.

  7. Randos totally screw this up in 5… 4…. 3…

    • Yeah , randoms will became team , after week (including noobs) , so first few days … I will be bane of the monster seas , as I have no problem to pick up new events , last year subs ,I beat my record made over 700dmg , torpedo beat I loved , apocaliypse waterworld , one time I won game after loosing my 2 team mates in first 2 minutes , with 9 frags …so that mode is welcome !

  8. 1:06 pulled a big no u right there

  9. Way too many things to remember and moving parts.

  10. Love the animation at the end

  11. 60 million pound cost

    Ra ra raputin lover of some torps to him.

    I was a shame how he sank some ships.

  12. “The idea here is not just about cramming your hold with Filth. But the hold of your allies too!”
    I heard “Hole” instead of “Hold”…
    “My hold is full of Filth! My hold is so Filthy!”

  13. The only thing I understood from the video is I will certainly screw it up lmao.

  14. Overcomplicated.

    I’ll stay away.

  15. I tested this on the PTS and OMG I am hooked . love it and the skins are Awesome . all ready have the Octopoid on my Alaska?and The Gaul for the Benson from a couple of years ago . just need the The Great Gorgon , The Crokosaur and the mutantatosk ( Sorry about the Spelling lol) and I’ll be a very Happy Monkey ? Roll on Wednesday ????

  16. so this is basically a WoW’s version of Dark Front from WoT? lol

  17. – 4 teams of 3 players
    – collecting stuff
    – have to progress through a tree to get better ships
    – grindy as hell

    *Rogue Wave PTSD intensifies*

  18. ?Ra Ra Rasputin Russia’s greatest love machine it was a shame how he carried on?

  19. Me: *see Rasputin*

    Also Me: RAMMING SPEED !

  20. MasterBait or MasterBaiter

    Ra ra Rasputin, lover of the russian queen

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