Halsey DM Double Double || 8.6km detection || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. first 🙂

  2. Some Minotaur please.

  3. i did enjoy therefore im leaving a comment as stated above.
    p.s. i deserve a cookie

  4. amazing

  5. John Doe is better cuz you can buy it easily with coal while you have to complete difficult task with Halsey such as 12 flooding or fire how that possible?

  6. Very well played.

  7. Well, that’s a lot of fireworks, isn’t it? 😀
    Thanks for featuring my game, i appreciate that

    • +Amaresh Bhaskaran Captain: PT / EL / EM / AR / SE / SI / DE / CE
      Modules: MAM1, Radar mod, AA range, Steering, Concealment, Reload mod
      It’s a combat focused build, since the DM is really good at this. People like to use AA builds, but carriers are so rare that i don’t see the point (even tho i’m a carrier player)

    • +Endarios I was actually grinding the module here. The exp in this game helped a lot in the last stage 😀

    • +Elis Yzeiraj Are you sure you were watching the same replay? There are three ocasions where i didn’t finish a target:
      1. Atago: I did as much dmg as i could before the island got in the way, but still killed her in the end
      2. Bismarck: Her guns can’t do much when i was bow in, so the Mino was the biggest threat, which is why i focused her while she was showing the side. Then i went back for the Bismarck, but couldn’t finish it faster than the JB.
      3. Moskva: +30k on her, but the Tirpitz got the finishing blow.

      It was a 7 kill game in 13 minutes, and could be 9 kills. And you still say i was dmg farming? C’mon bruh -_-

    • DrokoTTK you will like it!

    • for does halsey give you for earning his achievements?

  8. Russian Bias always protect.

    It could be 3 double strikes :v


  10. Hey 54100 Health?

  11. And where is the counterplay? A good zao, des moines hiding behind islands or bow in to enemy BB is almost killable and kills u in seconds at the same time… And gl finding a DD that has long range torps he actually hits cause the short range DDs will get radared and blown up instantly…

  12. Nothing like seeing a Des Memes go ham. GG bro

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