Happy Halloween! Boss Battles in World of Warships!

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World of Warships Halloween!

Thanks for watching!


  1. I think WG events sucks…played tier 4-5 for 3 days (12-14h/day) and not
    once i got in to a witch battle…so for sure WG events sucks.

  2. hey baron do the bismarck boss battle next

  3. I like how you did not cry about being sunk by a CV’s Torps :).

  4. I can”t play in Win 7, Why???

  5. Baron, may I play division with u, me name is panzerlized. Thx!!

  6. It sucked! The teams were even and the Witch just rolled through our team,
    no contest, no fun, never had a chance.

  7. Add the Alien ship from Battleship movie 😛 it sucked but… it would be
    funny :D

  8. I really like the ideaoff these bossbattles, ive been on since close beta
    and its fun that they changes things up a bit. Still havent been lucky to
    actually get into one off these games yet so it seems theirs not so many
    Youtubers and staff really playing with the thing they got?!

  9. How do you get the ship?

  10. Hugo Fernandez Zapico

    Playa the furutaka plz

  11. salem witch was cool and all. but the real boss battle should have been
    against a flying dutchman ship. do like a montana that goes close to 40kts
    and reloads as fast as the atlanta. now that would have been fun

  12. i really wish people would stop typing BB for battleships, say its right,
    they are BSs

  13. that boss idea they could have a boss submarine but later have a sub line.

  14. i loved it like i have said before there should of just been more of them

  15. Hi Baron. I just tried downloading war thunder today and it needed up my
    computer horribly. Luckily I was able to fix it.

  16. Seriously watch some iChase videos m80. Your videos are becoming painful to
    watch because you are shit at WoWs.

  17. If I had a PC (Inb4 mac scrub, go buy a PC) I would love to partake in
    these boss battles.

    (I’m in the process of deciding on a good PC with the help of people more
    knowledgeable than me, fyi)

  18. AnderZEL confirmed?

  19. You and Phly really need to start playing some new games

  20. i like this type of match up. its a nice mix but i wish they figured out a
    balanced way and introduced a boss BB.

  21. the more variety in game setup, maps, ships, the better. but I’d love to
    see a couple new maps soon.

  22. Does anyone noticed the thumbnail said happy “Hallowen”

  23. this video was shit. Why the fuck are you showing broad side to st Louis
    and battleship with like 15k health left while shooting HE?

  24. I have fought 4 Boss battles. 2 vs the Phantom (the CV) and 2 vs the Salem
    Witch (the Cruiser). Won all of them except 1 (vs the Salem Witch…and we
    barely won the other) won both vs the Cruiser. Find the Carrier..Phantom
    much much easier to deal with. Easier to go directly for it and remove it
    from the game. The Witch can be a tough nut to crack. I ended up killing it
    in a Phoenix with fire….mostly lucky that my fire was credited with the
    kill. Nice flag package. All of the “Bosses” were WT employees…not
    YouTubers…and all had max upgrades on the Boss ships..

  25. +BaronVonGames *My idea on how they could implement the Kraken*
    The Kraken could produce a weak but huge smoke screen. It would travel
    quickly (50kn?) and deal damage by ramming ships. It won’t take any ramming
    damage, and you win if you can shoot it enough. Also give it a very small
    detection range (5km?)

  26. a cool event would be one team has a haunted pirate ship but the ship can
    only broad side and always has smoke around it like DD

  27. I’ve played the boss battles on the first two days and was the last ship
    left…almost had the boss taken out but after I had two kills and multiple
    shots on the boss I was destroyed by a hail of rounds from five ships at
    once. Seeing all those rounds coming at me just knowing it was over but I
    held my own and was proud. Never been on a winning team though.

  28. loved the boss battle ideas was in one today with you

  29. Hated the salem witch battles. every team I was on was too ignorant to burn
    down the players first and then go after the salem witch. everyone just ran
    towards the salem witch like a retard on pudding day and got smoked. every
    single time.

  30. hey Baron, why dont you record your vids to 60fps?

  31. ive only been in one boss battle up until now and i was able to kill it,
    thanks to a friendly DD. It was on solomon islands and i was playing the
    wyoming bb. He came right down the middle, i was able to take off a quarter
    of his health with ap shells, dd unloads a huge barrage of torps, nearly
    all of them hit the witch and by that time my ap shells were in the air
    about to him. It was pretty cool! I need to upload the replay soon…

  32. So this entire thing has been TROLL battling?? I’ve seen NO rewards for the
    ghost ships??!!!

  33. i one shotted the CV with new mex

  34. ive won 4 games againts the salem and the phantom but still got no rewards
    ? am i doing it wrong??

  35. Wow baron, working you to hard i guess. come do my job. quit bitching!

  36. USS hornet was sunk

  37. i had one so far except i was in the team of the salem witch and we had
    more ships

  38. lol Baron….you shoot HE at all the little tier 3 and 4 cruisers then load
    AP to shoot at angled BBs…

    maybe…maybe do it the other way around?

  39. Why isn’t everyone playing the public test server, you can get to t7 in 15
    battles, as i have the ranger on the public test server in 1/10 of the time
    it took me to get the langly

  40. I would like a world of warships blitz app like world of tanks. would any
    of you?

  41. Maybe for a Kraken it would be a Battleship with 12 guns as secondary
    weapons it uses the Smoke screen mechanic like you said and had as a main
    weapon 1km torpedo’s that 1 volley ships and the secondarys are also 1km
    range but the torps are somewhat fast

    or that could be rediculously game breaking

  42. 1st class noob play in this vid by this dude

  43. Slick “BlackBurnsy” Boi

    what about the Flying Dutchman as a boss?

  44. baron, really let your team die there, poor play man, so many mistakes, we
    all have them, but come on, too much chatting not enough gaming.

  45. The kraken, should be the Montana, with the markings of the Kraken. a
    battleship as a boss would make it feel, not only like a world war battle,
    but it would be a great enemy to try and kill. Oh, and maybe some
    historical sea battles to.

  46. Baron wouldn’t it be cool if there was like a flying dutchman?

    or maybe old ships during some historical celebrations.

  47. Boss Battle Idea: Flying Dutchman – very fast cruiser or BB loaded with
    guns and wide area smoke screens + some torpedoes

  48. I ended up in a game against the Salem Witch. My team got demolished.

  49. Halloween was well good 🙂 5 hour car trip back from London…perfect.
    great vids baron

  50. Maybe a boss battle where a ship is called The Flying Dutchmen. Make it a
    Dutch naval ship just because you can and make it similar to the Salem
    Witch boss battle situation.

  51. I was in one of these games today in my South Carolina on the Boss side, it
    was an epic game.

  52. More AP and less broadside. Probably could have taken it with some armor

  53. I was lucky enough to play a game with 2 salem witches on the same team.

  54. i fought 1 and was on the same team with 1. both were the aircraft carrier.

  55. Why is he using only HE

  56. The hornet is in alameda, near San francisco

  57. Well what do you think about implementing the flying Dutchman as a Ship?
    You could give it the appearance of the Design 1047 battlecruiser. You can
    give it a smoke Generator, a cool down for the AA guns and a repearing
    ability like the salem witch. And let it only have 2 or so of these
    abilitys and paint it black and poisen green and give it a quad Torpedo
    launcher on each side with 8km range. Nine 283mm or 280mm guns in tree
    triple turrets, twelve 120mm Bofors DP gun, fourteen 40mm Bofors and eight
    Oerlikon 20mm als AA does not sounds that bad. Take it in as a Premium for
    the Dutch Navy Tier 8 or maybe 9 and let it be drive around with 34 knots
    Maximum and a turning circle of 850m and rudder shift time of 16 seconds.
    What do you think?

  58. your always so slow with restoring health to your ships…. not just this
    time, it’s almost always.

  59. Islam Equals Terrorism

    Use AP and stop showing your fucking broadside

  60. SB2C- Hell Diver War thunda? for halloween cause its HELL????

  61. It was so painful watching him shell that battleship at the beginning of
    the match. Could have done a lot more damage if he just adjusted his lead a

  62. nice video

  63. There’s a video where a guy gets 11 kills in the Salem witch

  64. I say that it sends out tiny destroyers to ram enemy ships. They also fire
    short range torpedoes with piddly damage.

  65. had 2 battles with the phantom fortress earlier this week. we got raped?

  66. i have seen a phantom fortress and on the end he hed 11 kills

  67. Happy diese Nüsse.

  68. Hay, didn’t you forget to say these Halloween boss battle is the witch’s
    tits m8! :P

  69. they should make a Japanese boss ship called the Yamato (look it up) that
    would be amazing

  70. They could the rubbish Battleship movie idea and have an alien ship

  71. Lol the hornet is in Alameda

  72. Why wouldnt u load Ap’s?

  73. Graham H (bluesmanshane)

    happy Halloween Baron!

  74. The Salem witch battles have been fun! Finally got that mean on Witch in my
    Derpzki with the potatus! Just hid mid way, waited, bolted and hid to the
    nearest island it was rounding then it was SURPRISE MO***ER! :3/. pew pew
    peeewww Michael Baaay.

  75. 100th view! Yay!

    Reckon good idea for a ‘Kraken’ game, would be to have a neutral Kitakami
    spawn up in smoke for a few seconds at random times and places on the map,
    and launch all 40 torps (in wide spread). Give you a few seconds to move
    once you see the smoke, but would make for a very tense game play.

  76. more ! those vids are awesome :3
    o7 from belgium

  77. Baron, do please tell me, what do you use to edit your vids? Other than
    that, keep up the great work.

  78. Lol Tits m8 Holly Tits!

  79. Baron YOU THE BEST !

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