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Another year has come and gone, and the World of Warships fleet has swelled and is sailing strong! As we do every December, we’d like to take a moment to wish you—our players—a happy holiday season in the company of your loved ones, and to thank you for the countless action-packed battles we’ve fought together throughout the outgoing year. Without you to command history’s mightiest warships, our game would merely be a calm sea dotted with tranquil islands!

2019 saw us take to the skies from British aircraft carriers, set new water speed records aboard French destroyers, fight off fuel-hungry bandits in the grim world of the Post Apocalypse, and welcome a new nation—Europe—to the Tech Tree, amongst other things! We hope that you’ve enjoyed every moment of it as we have, and hope to meet you again in 2020, either on—or beneath—the high seas!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Make some waves, Captains! Happy New year!:)

    • Israel Vázquez plascencia

      Happy new year

    • FK pa2rico

    • Happy new year greetings from Germany <3

    • @Squad Leader hell no, i want the ww1 era M1 …. it has a 12 inch gun 🙂
      besides the russain tier 10 will probably be a nuclear ICBM submarine with huge health and 38 repairs, it can only be detected within 100 m (0.1 km) and is immune to depth charges, gunfire and torpedoes, it also has auto reload for its unlimited amount of missiles.

      the entire PR scam has been done to quickly get some cash in, giving away free stuff costs the developer nothing but free is free to them, not us we have to open our wallet and give them real money.

    • Geometry Dash HandShaker

      I have a suggestion: +2020% every economics and can only effect once everyday. Well, to celebrate of course ?❤️

  2. Happy new year Owari Da guys (JinglyJoy is a code)

  3. Happy Puerto Year Commanders !

  4. Stop the PR grind and enjoy new year fellow captains. If wg can celebrate new year, why not us?

    • Becuase they should have fixed it and not just let it be and “try” to move on. Is hard to let that stinker pass. And how can a company “enjoy” when they have created souch a PR nightmare. They should be working 24/7 to make it good. But on other hand, they show once again disregard for their paying customers, and then we can only do one thing – leave our money in the pocket.

    • Sure, people can stop grinding and then pay more $$$ cuz they’ll run out of time. Brilliant game design at this time of year. Nice job WG!

  5. No sign of Earl Grey? Stuck under a bridge?

  6. The dislikes are incoming!

  7. “Interesting” yes the year was indeed Interesting. Especially December. Very very interesting

  8. We all are only having fun when you are finally listening to us! And accept that many things you did this year were bad! Make it next year better that should be your aim! AND STOP LYING TO US!!!

  9. “we’d like to take a moment to wish you—our players—a happy holiday season in the company of your loved ones”

    And to make it so much fun, we gave you an impossible 24h a day grind for the paytorico ! enjoy !

    • @Dan iam not pulling all the stops iam just stating that they are giving stuff away! I know the PR is a long shot to grind but when you go into the directives and missions you can see if you have the time or not.. like myself iam stuck on no.5 at the mo and i believe this is as far as iam gonna grind to as its the time i dont have. But iam not salty on not being able to get the PR that would be bloody childish!
      It is about the money how else can they pay there staff and also all the bills they are not gonna achieve this if people dont pay! But they advertise and sell ships/containers/flags..etc i do understand its about money and to right it should be.. but you also have to remember you dont need to pay! Clearly like me you played world of tanks so you cant be stupid on how WG and warthunder work i know how they use this system its been going around longer than these 2 companies

    • @Dan uninstall the game dude, if its getting to ya that much please dont play as its not healthy

    • @tea&coffee oh save it

    • @Russian Bot 3 European ships in the game not 2

    • @Mark Roberts that changes literally nothing considering theres only 1 high tier european ship

  10. Ended the year on a trainwreck eh?

  11. Happy Pay Rico guys.

    A very sad christmas for us all.

  12. Im just glad i saved my wallet from the PR grind


    • Wow how many times have you posted that under WoW videos and felt great disliking their videos ? Get on with you life. They know they f***** up and they’ll do it better next time. Happy New Year ??

    • I got her for 47€, which is ok (looking at WG’s ususal bloated prices)…
      Not ok is that WG deliberately scammed a lot of people with shady booster mechanics and a scammy refund schedule.

  13. Community: Where’s Alena
    WG: Gone. Reduce to atom.

  14. Some of them were, like omg let’s get this over with. Bring some energy in it. Your emotions were like ours, when we saw what a fiasco is the PR.

  15. New year missions are like:
    I was not even able to finish second tier.

  16. No thanks, we got enough season’s greeting from “iEarlGrey”, he summed up the attitude of the company perfectly.

  17. We will have even more EXPENSIVE activities in 2020!

  18. Not enjoying anything about the PR Grind at this time of year

  19. “2020 will be even bigger better and we will come up with many many more ways of exploiting our player bases wallets” ok maybe not word for word but still true!!!

  20. When the Balance team lead wishes you an “interesting” new year… RUN!

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