HAPPY NEW YEAR! SHIP FIREWORKS (read Explosions) | World of Warships 4v4

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Also I love WoWs; so expect more videos!

●About Me
Hi! My name is Samuel, what’s up? I am 25 years old and live in Canada (I am Dutch though!). Thanks for checking out my channel. I upload a wide variety of games in 1440p60, including but not limited to Battlefield 5, Men of War (Assault Squad 2), ARMA 3, Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, The Wargame Series, SQUAD, Post Scriptum, Heroes and Generals & Company of Heroes! I try to maintain a healthy balance between fun and tactical gameplay, mixing videos with tips, tricks and random gameplay that can be from any game!

~Thanks for watching!


  1. Happy New Years everyone! Wish you the best for 2020 and I’ll see you “next year” (gotta do dem Dad jokes!)

  2. when will they add Aircraft Carriers to console?

  3. i love this sherm keep these wow vids coming

  4. pull your team carrier back and don’t charge forward unless if your team have graf zeppelin

  5. 2:45 wot ?! Impossible

  6. Happy New year btw ?❄⛄??? .

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