Harugumo 336K dmg || World of Warships

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  1. I will just say that WG has jumped the shark!
    Its one thing to have an OP or OP ish ship like Stalingrad. Its another to have 3 tech tree ships with 100mm guns that are more powerful than my 8 inch guns.
    I have had my Des sunk in 20 sec by them. I have watched Gearings gone in 10 sec.
    And there was nothing anyone can do about it. They have to take the pen down below 25 mill. If they don’t it will not be worth playing anthing above t7.
    Smoke is bad enough to deal with now add a 100mm gun that can destroy everything without thinking about it.
    And dont tell me get better or gearing must have been broadside. No there trying to het away. Des was bow on.
    WG has jumped the shark!

    • For sure those new Jap DD are extremely powerful but OP ? really ? Harugumo is almost as big as a t10 cruiser. It is bigger than a khaba and has no heal. The torpedoes have the worst concealment, the spread is awful and you have 3 min reload on it (there is the reload boost but still). And the manoeuvrability is the worst of all t1 (you’re turning almost slower than some BB…)

    • But damn, You would not wanna have a gun fight with this guy, even if you’re in a Gearing…

    • +N W yes it OP. The t8 9 and 10 are way to much. Gearing gone in 10 sec. Crusiers gone in 20 sec. 100mm gun penning the same as 8 inch. Why have diffeeenr size guns if they all do the same?
      Why not make them take IFHE like 6 inch ships like Cleveland?
      These are to much.

    • @Jerry Glaze But you’re not taking into account the conext. Gearing is focused by 2 Harugumo. Cleveland is half hp and ocused by 3 ships, of course you will die quickly. And to answer to your question what changes is the ballistic. Look at DM, Zao and Hinden… All 3 have 203 mm, yet the DM is the only one able to camp because of the bs ballistic and the shells going over hills. Then that’s the same. Moreover the Harugumo accelerate very slowly, torps in smoke would be dangerous if full broadside and it suffers substantial downside. Oh and don’t forget there will be Daring soon, aka shima concealment + gearing guns.

    • +N W i have watched gearung gunned down by 1 t9 ijn dd in 10 sec

  2. First comment.
    And well this is an obscene amount of damage for a “destroyer” even if it is level X and not Russian. And the striking thing about this fight is that this Haragumo did most of that damage with HE shells or with fire damage.
    Hopefully this ship will not get a nerfeo later because the battleship captains do not know how to dodge the firing of their guns or their torpedoes.
    On the other hand:
    6:53 LOL RIP that Yamato could not do anything against the infernal DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA of this little stalker, but the ally stole this captain the kill.
    9:39 RIP that Roon destroyed by the cannon fire of a Japanese destroyer.
    12:41 LOL they stole this captain’s death again.
    19:44 and to conclude, LOL, an OP ship destroyed by another OP ship.
    Facinating battle is the best I can say in a few words.

    • “Hopefully this ship will not get nerfed.” Really?? Are you fucking idiot? This ship must be nerfed! And also Worcester

  3. WG is going the wrong way. Playing on tier 8-10 is so unbalanced that there is no fun in playing.

  4. yeah not op at all..

  5. Move aside Conqueror.
    There’s a new CANCER in town.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Meh Conqueror is not even OP anymore since WG nerfed its armor scheme. It’s the easiest battleship to rush since its HE shells can only kill anything slowly. Its AP’s short fuse limits the pen capability so yeah a rushed Conqueror is a dead Conqueror.

  6. Wargaming is stupid. What balance could be if 100mm Guns sunk a battleship? Haragumo autoloader like des moines… Dont think so. Then why he fires every 3sec? Is totally stupid the game. To all never use bbs again until the fix things more real. Bbs with 127 or 150 secondaries but stupid wargaming takes away the range. Totally stupid.

  7. Of corse in real Life destroyers are more OP than cruisers or battleships

  8. Why too many people angry, kill this dd is very easy

    • yup. the enemy focused on this DD hardly at all. made it very easy for him to farm damage.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Exactly! This guy has some kind of “anti-magnet” that no one barely focused on him. Heck even I often get focused whatever ships I use (even the crappy ships like Karlsruhe)

    • to be sure, his timing and positioning were excellent though. and I think it helped that he was pairing himself in the beginning with the other Harugumo, so they shared damage.

      still, the enemy team rarely targeted him when they DID have full detection. maybe it’s just because the ship is new, and people just haven’t realized how much of a monster it is yet.

      maybe I watch too many youtube videos 😛

    • I honestly feel bad for the enemy team

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      One thing for sure, he is not in Asia server. New ships & in-test ships are the floating pinata here.

  9. Two things more obscene than this… a belfast division .. and a lyon division

  10. It’s time to retire from this game 🙂

  11. brainless HE spamming,even a dd noob can use this ship well

    • attack with, yes, but it’s not exactly tiny, is not all that maneuverable, and unless you position yourself perfectly, you’re gonna get spanked in it.

      defensively, it’s not at all easy to play.

  12. 4:49 Hell fire on Yamato

  13. WOWs community in 2016: “omg ijn DD guns are so bad why even use them?”
    Wargaming: :thonking: “hmmmmmmmm”
    WOWs community in 2018: “mother of god what have we done…”

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      They got the karma they deserved. Just like when they complained about Atlanta being a $40 scam until WG gave it radar & some Youtuber figured out how to play it. *points at Yuro*

    • Principality of Belka

      +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing when i saw Atlanta at first my assumption was that this ship must be used like a Flamethrower and i was right i managed to rack substantial amounts of damage while also swatting down those annoying flies with my OP AA. And thanks to Yuro’s guide video the amount of meal for my Atlanta has increased substantially

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Well everyone knows that.
      100mm >>> 127mm
      Even well well well before the 1/4th HE pen buff – which was clearly a mistake. They should just give it identical HE pen as the 127mm.

  14. 4:43 X2 Harugumo raining HE shells on Yamato ☂️?

  15. this is more cancer than triple belfast division against tier 5…

  16. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    What’s the point of IJN 127mm now that IJN 100mm can pen 32mm battleship armour at T10 with IFHE and twice the fire rate? Just give the 100 the same base he pen as the 127. Problem solved, no need for this cancer.

  17. 12 guns with the ability to pen 32 mm armor, over 15 km range and a reload time of 1.2 seconds at its fastest. Add all the other tools it has in its arsenal and Wg has done their best to balance the game yet again. This is beginning to get stupid…

  18. Remember when gearing was the DD gunboat? Haha

  19. Well as powerful as Harugumo guns are, she’s still a huge ship, about as maneuverable as a Yamato & similar speed as a Minotaur. If you get caught in the open & by enemy radar, you’re usually dead. CV are also your bane because your AA is shit & no amount of WASD can shake off shells flying at you. In short, her guns are REALLY powerful, but overall the ship makes a lot of sacrifices to get balance them out.

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