Harugumo – 380K Damage HE SPAM – World of Warships

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  1. Best World of Warships Replays

    This ship is sooo annoying. In my opinion more than Minotaur.

  2. Thiago Bergamini

    this zoom…. omg

  3. Teerasak Inthong

    Tiny dmg per hit but she take many shot lol

  4. Adam Marcinkowski

    I am at Akizuki , if not stupid CV I would allready have it , insted I grind Baltimore & Charles Martel …

  5. As i expect _Hexogen_ to be around here (or maybe just anyone can help me) it would be great if you could share your cpt.build with me/us.
    Line1: amount of player targeting u
    Line2:last stand or AR ?
    Line3:more consumables or BFT ? (lol, I could look it up by myself, if I wasn’t that lazy)
    Line4: Concealment, IFHE, AFT

    big THX

  6. Its annoying ships like this that make game play infuriating

  7. I can’t even get spotted for 10 seconds without everyone and their mother shooting at me, this player was out in the open for a while and only one opponent half assed it to shoot in the right direction. Where was the opposing CV? No harassment? Must be nice.

  8. Zoom in,zoom out! Kabooom!!!

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