Harugumo and Kitakaze in PORT first STATS || WIP || World of Warships

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  1. Geht zwar ein bisschen früh auf, aber wer versteckt sich schon mit dem DD 😅😅🤣🤣

  2. No aa consumable lmao ofc the only aa dd doesn’t get it

  3. those Japanese 100mm gun turrets look a little different compared to the other variants Japanese 100mm gun turrets in the game!

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Even more IJN dakka coming….Sugoooi!!

  5. Wow 5 double-barrel turrets firing every 2.5 seconds. That sounds a little bit OP but we’ll see.

    • Santa Claus without ifhe they won’t hurt anything it’s tiny 100mm but oh man ifhe on this would hurt things

    • Yeah and everyone who will get this ship plays with IFHE because that’s how the Aki is played. So it’s looking a little OP to me rn.

    • Hey but cmon, the other dd stats, i.e. manouverability and detection is pretty bad.

  6. What’s the design for this ship? The tier x one


  8. Faster shell velocity than russian ships…Wuuuuuut ? I thought it had 100 mm guns

    • Oni Mauricio Zamora

      if they’re the same shells as the akizuki, they’ll lose speed rather quickly (they’re really floaty at long ranges)

    • Faster INITIAL velocity, that’s your keyword. All IJN 100mm guns start with 1000m/s but lose velocity very quickly.

  9. Hasan Can Karademir

    can anyone tell me what is the difference between akuziki and harugumo ? 3k more hp one extra 100m turret that can penetrate nothing on t10 there is no real difference i think am i right or wrong ?

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