Harugumo FOR the DMG RECORD || World of Warships

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  1. It harugumemes time. You should fight Atlanta with your harugumo

  2. i see a full HP Conq at the end. Than i realized the clantag RO …. why i dont wonder 😛

  3. Am I the only one who feels clickbaited with the Yamamoto thing?

  4. even featuring a full life Conqueror with only 4 ships left xD

    This video has everything xD

  5. That conquerer at the end. Heaven forbid you use AP on a ship you know is broadside to you.

    • while (Conquerer)
      if(currentShellType != Shelltype.HE)
      currentShellType =Shelltype.HE;

      As you can see, it is literally impossible for a Conqueror to shoot AP. The game won’t allow it

  6. + Bad play at the end you didn’t need to fire

  7. The dak dak dak action on the harugumo is insane.

  8. Illuminati Confirmed

    11:45 that broadside from the Montana on the Yamato was just beautiful. That poor guy in the Yam needs to learn to play that ship a bit better XD

  9. That Conqueror at the end lost the game

  10. report that conquer ? hp buff conq with full Hp remaining at last movements of the match we cam see from there how much he tanked

  11. 11,:45 pretty sure that Montana devastated that full health Yamaha in one volley hel of a shot

  12. Title should be “enemy T10 DD in smoke in front of us lets show him full broadside so he can torps us “

  13. Guy on Conqueror at the end even don’t know how to shoot properly. People play t10s and they don’t know game basics.

  14. Am I the only one that is watching this vid with horrible wifi??????

  15. Alen El Mustafa

    That Coqueror, what to expect from a Conqueror player!

  16. sometimes you dont have to go for kills long as ur contributing, to kills but tons of damage, they where getting Golden Showers, LOL

  17. nice play,,bad player team 12k dmg spot,, new meta,,bbs static island mode desmo,,dds no spot solo dmg gg…

  18. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    I bet this was played over a week-end. Some games are impossible to win.

  19. *Having Haguromeme flashbacks*

  20. Предусмотрительный Лентяй

    Pure idiot at Yama. To give FHP ship for 1k HP – brilliant bargain.=)

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