Harugumo till the very end – World of Warships

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Experience, skill and belief in yourself will lead you to victory 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 0:45 SENTOU KAISH! Love that intro

  2. Republic yoinked the Kraken so hard lmao

    • Wait. Are battleships not supposed to help kill destroyers? I keep seeing mixed messages.

    • @Frigidblood oh yea

    • @Frigidblood >>Wait. Are battleships not supposed to help kill destroyers? I keep seeing mixed messages.<< No kidding. If I'm in a BB and I see a DD, I shoot. It might take a few seconds to move the guns, but I'm taking the shot. No need to get all bent out of shape about it.

    • @Onan TheBarbarian My issue is that it was piss poor target selection. Anyone with eyes could see that the friendly DD (Flambass in this case) had the enemy DD dead to rights. There was *no way* that Hayate was getting away from a fucking Harugumo and her 250 shells a minute. So he wasted a 30 second reload on a DD that was going to die to Harugumo. While stealing the Kraken from Flambass sucked, my issue is the fact that the Republique shot at a very low priority target when I’m sure there were better targets to launch shells at within range.

    • @Frigidblood This was a situation where Flambass was the only one shooting the DD for a fair period of time there but was without a doubt gonna win the fight. Rep didn’t shoot until the point Flambass was gonna have killed it anyway with another salvo or two. It was about a 30 second engagement and also notice how the Rep fired HE. He probably could’ve fired way sooner just with AP which is still fine but he took his sweet time on that support front to the point where it was just a straight up kill steal.

  3. What a great support by the Hindenburg against the Hayate, not.

  4. This is a classic “Flambass Carry”. Loved it

  5. Mr G is a legend.

  6. Максим Шишлов

    I like my mini cruiser with 15 km range and 2.3 sec reload.

  7. Hayate: “I’m a gunboat!”

    Harugumo: “DD, please”

  8. What a great game, masterclass of evaluation 👏

  9. Yup the player base is the worst I have ever seen in the 6 years playing. Its killing the game . I feel its a bigger problem than subs or cv’s imo.

    • Yeah. And maybe WG is making CVs and subs in that way to turn away our attention from the real problem. Imagine if there was no cvs or subs, people would go after bad players which are mostly the whales that are the ones paying…..

    • That is because many of paying players shut their valets after nonsense after nonsense WG decisions, older players deleting the game too, so as all shiter rained morons pulls in dumb kids, which make potato soups out of matches.

  10. It’s it just me or is flambass really short with people of late?

  11. I’m usually baked so I’m definitely a baked potato in the game.

  12. The guy talking about the cv player probably has a 40% win rate 🤣

  13. Lol I just love that helper salvo after putting in the work…said no one..

  14. Not sure why Fletcher didn’t just torp your smoke.

  15. Does Chung mu get normal torps? I was like it’s a Chung mu cant hit me and nope.
    That repub robbed you of your kraken
    I researched harugamo but never bought it kita is just good already and I dont have that much silver.
    After about half hp I switch to AP on dds cause they damage saturation makes shells only do 200 damage

  16. Great game, for this action we still playing

  17. Haarlem has hydro – which is why I turned away from the torps, and then continued to defend the cap.
    I normally would be watching as I’m a subscriber… but not this time. Still nice to be accused of stream sniping I guess xD

  18. My average WR is 54%
    But somehow my avg WR in past 7 days are 41%.
    Got a lot of match where my team was throwing so hard

  19. welp i did learn my limited skills in playing dds by watching flamu and flambass am i good um no but im not as shit as i easily could have been so thanks man

  20. Think gearing is even worth trying to use in this ranked season

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