Harugumo V2 (Tier 10 Destroyer) First Impressions | World of Warships

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Today, we are going to be taking a first look at the Harugumo Tier 10 IJN . At first, this ship was a bit of a laughing stock… until the Japanese 100mm guns were buffed. Now she is a total DPM monster. If you enjoyed the video backhand that like button! Feedback is always appreciated.

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  1. The amound of firepower looks amazing it looks like a mini Minotaur. A bit questionable how it can out dpm cruisers some cruisers when going full gunboat, I wonder how it will preform against the Khaba. However this ships detectability is not that good (second worst if I think) so since you can’t outspot the “stealth” dd’s maybe going for a other skill then consealment expert could be a good option. I hope you will keep doing this kind of video’s Cami!

    • She’s pretty much a mini Worcester to be completely honest, disgustingly effective at discouraging everything that attempts to make a push onto a point. Mind you, the detectability isn’t that bad. The build I was running got me down to 6.2km which will see her outspot a Khaba when the Khaba is running a concealment build. She will only just run short of being outspotted by other gunboat DDs like YueYang, Gearing and Grozovoi but ONLY when they are running a full concealment build (by about 0.2km, 0.04km for Grozovoi), so she is still incredibly effective at those kinds of engagements. Cheers man! Will be sure to keep the vids coming 🙂

    • CAMIKAZE78 remember that gearing sits at 5,9 and yue yang at 5,8 so about 300/400 meters difference. Grozevoi should not run stealth anyways, but many still do. Try switching concealment with AFT or more tier 3 skills. Maybe even remove last stand for more dakka skills.

  2. the only issue with this line of DD’s is that they are LONG, its profile is a torpedo bait

    • Hence the emphasis on positioning for a quick getaway if needed, you can deal with the length of the ship by getting ready for torps as best you can!

  3. Harugumo, it’s Harugumo. The 1/4 HE pen is disgusting though

    • Cheers for the heads up man! Silly ole me uploading videos at stupid o clock at night makes for some interesting mistakes

    • +CAMIKAZE78 also you should try a pure gunboat build with IFHE, AFT, BFT, DE and AR. The DPM will even make Cruisers like Des Moines and Worcester fear you as if you were a Yamato. Ships like Republique will melt as if the Sun itself were after them. If you have taken enough damage, you can even get below 2sec reload time. A truly disgusting DPM. It’s like reverse Conqueror or Lidl Khaba.

    • Might give it a go on tonight’s stream my friend 😉

    • +CAMIKAZE78 you should definitly try it. It’s hilarious seeing a Des Moines run for cover with it’s tail between it’s legs shivering with fear of a ship that it is designed to counter 😀

  4. Nice video. Love that you feature many different matches and situation to feature her strengths and weaknesses! Keep it up Cami.

  5. Whats your pc specs?

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