Harugumo World of Warships

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  1. That was an awesome game.. I’ve never seen a ship get hit for 20 cits by one ship ever.. That was amazing.. It was just a well played game, one I’ll never forget…..?

  2. Harugumo ? Long time
    Thank you dear

  3. Disgusting.

  4. Fair and/or Balanced

  5. This ship was never designed for AA purpose. This ship was designed because japanese knew in WW2 that in future WG will buff it to cancer. I mean, 100mm AA gun shouldnt even pen the bbs and look at it now

    • WG is pure stupid why dont give 130mm with three sec repoad. This game is going down like WOT. And they wana nerv AP on DD now. I give the game max one year and its shit like WoT. Gun DDs the light tanks of WOWs ridicilous and stupid.

    • +Bismarck 90 imagine a fucking full HP shima rushed your montana, you used all 4 guns and got 12 hits on him, but overpen made him survive. and He torped the fuck out of you and you shamelessly die thinking that you couldnt do a shit with your 400+mm guns to a little boat. That is the time when everyone instantly leave the game.
      I mean, its okay they looked at sudden dd death from 20km bbs, then why not make it “any shell going more than 15km will only cause overpen to dds, but not in closer than that” because dds are supposed to be hidden, not to expose and rush to you brainlessly and torp you and you cant counter that.

  6. well, he was shooting at floating potatoes (like a neptune that literally did nothing but sail point blank broadside and got cit’d 20 times), but still… that ship is an awesome fire platform if there is nobody around to radar it.

    speaking of… why was there nobody around to radar it?

    why were all the other DDs on his team sitting so far back?

    bet it was a weekend game.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      Not a single radar equipped ship in the enemy team, and he asks “why was there nobody around to radar it?”. And then calls other people potatoes….

  7. Сергей Коваленкл

    Как же ты заебался камерой дрыгать недосмотрел плохо стало

  8. Truly monster game. Congrats!
    That’s the way to deal with minotaurs!

  9. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    To be fair, this kind of new high HE DPM ships are somewhat OP The good thing is that it needs a lot of skill to make them work And they have weaknesses too, so yeah that is good The only thing I find ridiculous about the Harugumo is the 1/4 pen They should have gone for 1/5 at best

  10. If only he had Yamamoto that’s would have been even worse

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