Haunted Hornet Aircraft Carrier – World of Warships Phantom Fortress Boss Battle

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World of Warships Hornet Aircraft Carrier Boss Battle!

Thanks for watching!


  1. I like it but there is just not enough of them playing I have played at
    least 100 battles sents it started and one seen two of them kind of sad but
    I do love the idea

  2. Why are you use the auto fire? It’s very uneffective. please use manual

  3. Baron, 1 fighter group is only one plane
    Thats why they r getting so quickly destroyed

  4. Baron, check out the new Heroes and generals update. They added a tracked

  5. Most aggravating video ever!!! I couldn’t even watch the whole thing.

  6. The big prob with the two fighter groups was they were one plane each only
    if you watched Phily dailys review Baron you would see the planes.

  7. the secondaries on the phantom are deadly that destroyer never stood a
    chance at the range he was at

  8. Why would you even publish this video? Learn to carrier instead of just
    floundering around like an epileptic.

  9. Thx for the vids m8. Keep up the good work!
    I’ve seen a few ghost carrier games now on youtube and none of the captains
    have tried a manual fighter attack. Only one plane just gets shot down so
    perhaps the massive attack is the best option? Worth a try? Worst case you
    can sacrifice them anyway afterwards

  10. When does Baron realise that his fighter groups only have one plane in

  11. baron more carrier gameplay plz!

  12. did anybody notice that his phantom fortress fighter groups, only have 1
    fighter per group?!

  13. Baron pls pls pls bring back fallout new vegas and the forest

  14. check my channel

  15. I assist kill the phantom fortress in a battle

  16. DestroyerNUTS Gaming

    in war thunder plz do the maus in arcade and in simulator battles thnx bro.

  17. If you know your history, you’ll know that the Hornet is a downgraded
    That ship was made out of so many economical alternatives that it’s
    arguably a ship that never should’ve been built which also explains why it
    sank so quickly.

  18. the Phantom fortress.. or what ever it’s called kinda sucks ass…

  19. Baron the fighter groups die so quickly because the groups of fighters are
    only one plane

  20. +BaronVonGamez u have 1 fight in a group in the phantom fotress because if
    u had full fighter groups it would be op

  21. So couple of things for Phantom. The fighters are pure buffer. If there was
    more than one in a squad then they would destroy all the air in the round
    hands down. As it stands they need to be either for sniping the opportune
    undefended bomber squadron or for buying time for your DB and TP to get

    The main feature are those squadrons. See that thin line for DB squadron?
    That is NUTS. I haven’t seen any youtuber manually drop but I bet if they
    did it would be devastating. Both squadrons are very fast and don’t take
    long to reach the rally point and drop their ordinance. That’s another big

    Finally, there is the secondaries. Those secondaries are horrifyingly good.
    They will rip through a DD in about 10 seconds, maybe even less. They’ll
    cut up cruisers and battleships too. Their range is ok, about 5-6km. Here
    is what you do though. In that map? Park the phantom smack in the middle
    and get folks to support you. Use the center island to break up long sight
    ranges. Anyone who wants to get in at you needs to go close and the phantom
    will shred them. Just a few thoughts on the Phantom games I have been in.

  22. Man kojo was really rude

  23. War thunder 1.53 coming out thursday or friday OMG HYPE!!!!

  24. your apm was so fast that i thought i was watching korean starcraft player

  25. I heard the carrier has like 15km secondary range.

  26. You really need to be able to adeptly use manual drops with bombs and
    torpedoes. Thanks for posting

  27. Baron, if you are reading this by any chance, please try and get me in one
    of your videos, friend or foe.

  28. Yoo Baron, this gonna sound cliché but I’ve been watching a lot of your
    vids over the past few months. Can you please please PLEASE play the
    Gearing? Many luvz from Belgium xxx keep it up!

  29. Oh Robert, you need to be eating less omelette and reading more ship
    layouts my handsome friend.

  30. Pizzasnowman Martinez

    Baron you know you can zoom in on te fighters right

  31. Baron, how 2 download worold of warships?

  32. Harrison Kaufman (TheGoldenProphecy)

    Please more Verdun!!!

  33. the fortress fighters are jokes eiiisshh.. one fighter per squad is

  34. Please do better, do you copy?

  35. That is some of the worst carrier gameplay I’ve ever seen. Why on Earth are
    you not using manual drop more often on your torpedo bombers?

  36. dem flying flapjacks tho

  37. Baron have you noticed that your fighter squadrons are made out of just one

  38. @Baronvongamez Those fighters of the Fortress are single plane “squadrons”
    and to be effective, they need to use the strafe ability. Also, the
    Fortress has an absurd amount of secondaries that are by far the best in
    the game. 8.5km range and a staggering rate of fire.

  39. 49 likes and no dislikes 23:24 +1 gmt time NICE

  40. ROBLOX Security Chief Executive Officer Isaaccm

    660 view clob

  41. This carrier is the USS Hornet right? Your 1 fighter large squadrons should
    be jet fighters.

  42. Baron your fighter squadrons only have one fighter in them so they get
    killed easily

  43. You only have one fighter, to tie up enemy bombers, if you had good fighter
    aswell that would be a seal clubbing.

  44. You need more Carrier gameplay, Baron. Come on now man!

  45. do you ever go into 1st or 3rd person?

  46. Yes I love carrier gameplay please more

  47. Hey Baron, what do you use to record/edit your videos?

  48. im at 9 views

  49. lallalalalalala plzzz reply

  50. 3 views, daaaaaaamn

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